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Ep. 52 Blade: Trinity

Vampire Pomeranians, yes! This week the hosts talk about the ending chapter of the Blade franchise, “Blade: Trinity.” In this episode James and Giselle talk about the origins of the character, the fact that Blade was the first full Marvel movie franchise (hell yeah!), and discuss the differences between the first two movies and the third one. P.S. This episode was recorded before the VERY exciting SDCC announcement of a Blade reboot, but it can be said here that the hosts are pretty damn stoked for it ;)

Ep. 46 We <3 Cardigan Hulk

Professor Cardigan Hulk. I love you 3000. Patriotic posteriors. You guessed it, this week the hosts talk about the cinematic pop culture event of the decade, Avengers: Endgame! Yeah!! In this episode James and Giselle marvel (hardee har har) over the path that led up to this very movie, its saga and potential legacy, and they dive into the movie as they discuss the things they loved, the things they thought needed some improvement, and just reveling in the sheer epic-osity of it all.

Ep. 20 Spiderman 3: Batman Returns Home



ANT-tonio Banderes? ANT-tony? Don’t let the title fool you, this week the hosts talk about “Antman and the Wasp”! James and Giselle discuss the movie along with the characters of Hope and Janet. They also came up with the story for the third Spiderman movie, hence the episode title, and you are welcome in advance.


Ep. 17 A Little Homicidal Sweetheart



In this week’s episode James and Giselle discuss this year’s most heartwarming family film: Deadpool 2. No, really! The movie is totally about the importance of family. And violence. And obscenity. And, ya know, other moral stuff. Wibbly wobbly timey wimey! Woohoo!


Ep. 6 More Shuri, Please!



In this episode the co-hosts gush over the visual feast that was Marvel’s “Black Panther”! They discuss the amazing array of female characters, how Killmonger is one of the best antagonists in the MCU, and that Shuri and M’Baku pretty much stole the film. Also, more flailing over Angela Bassett (but you all expected that, right?).


SDCC 2018 Prep: Superhero Food and Drinks

What is more important than those exclusive merchandise and scoring autographs at San Diego Comic-Con 2018? The food and drinks, of course– which I am ALWAYS a huge fan of! This year, restaurants and bars in the Gaslamp at downtown San Diego are pulling all the stops all weekend with themed beverages and meals to celebrate our collective nerd party for the long weekend on July 18 until July 22nd. Want to know where to get the tastiest treats? Check out our list below!

Get your Captain America waffle on at Café 222 on Island Avenue: a malted waffle shaped like Captain America’s shield, topped with fresh berries and whipped cream.

For the Star Wars fans, check out Prohibition Liquor Bar on Fifth Avenue where you can order drinks called Never Tell Me the Odds (Redemption Rye,demerara, Averna and R&D house bitters), I Find Your Lack of Faith Disturbing (El Silencio Mezcal, watermelon cordial and R&D smoke bitters), or Let the Wookie Win (bourbon, lime, ginger and Fernet).

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