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Attack on Titan Live Action Movie World Premiere: The actors, the gore, the 3D Maneuver Gear. EMBRACE THE CHANGE

The Attack on Titan franchise has had an incredible history among manga and anime fans, ranging from the popular manga, to the hit animated show, to the 4 spinoff manga series that the franchise has inspired.

Celebrating their world premiere at the Egyptian theater in Hollywood on Tuesday, July 14th, the Attack on Titan live action movie (part one of two, guys!) held a press conference and interviews before their red carpet debut. DefectiveGeeks (well, just me…) came down to the press event to get some answers for us weeaboos. At the press conference was director Shinji Higuchi, producer Yoshihiro Sato, Eren’s actor Haruma Miura (dreamy, quirky, perfect etc etc), and Mikasa’s actress Kiko Mizuhara (beautiful, well-spoken, perfect RBF, etc etc.)

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Sandra Bullock Lesson #1

Everything I need to know I learned from Sandra Bullock.

As you may or may not have heard on the podcast, I had a weird dream a few weeks ago that Sandra Bullock was following me around telling me what to do.

 photo sandrabullock1.jpg

Mostly she was telling me things from Miss Congeniality (that film is full of life lessons!) But, it got me thinking about all of her films. I’ve been a fan of her work for a long time, and I think part of that is because I never know what she’s going to turn up in next. Chick flick? Many. Action film? Several. Crime investigation? Been there, done that. Time travel? Sort of. Science fiction? Hells yes.

I realised there are many lessons to be had from all of her films. I set myself a challenge to watch ALL (or as many as I can track down) of her films and report back on the useful things I learned from them.

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Kevin Smith’s ‘Red State’ Review and Q & A Session

Sunday night Dianne and I went to a screening of Red State at the New Beverly Cinema in Los Angeles.

RED STATE at the new beverly cinema

After the screening of the movie, we were graced with a Question and Answer session from the man himself; Mr. Kevin Smith. The whole night was a great experience, especially since this was the second time Dianne and I got to see Kevin Smith in person together. The first time was the farewell event for Secret Stash. I couldn’t help but be overwhelmed with a lovely sense of nostalgia.

RED STATE at the new beverly cinema

Movie Review: Red State is a triumph. It is the first time Kevin Smith has done a movie so different from his usual style. According to Sir, the movie was influenced by Quentin Tarantino and the Coen Brothers and I could certainly see it. Visually, the movie was very cinema vérité (AKA shaky cam, think Bourne Supremacy) which, as the viewer, made me feel the terror and fear the main characters were experiencing because it felt realistic. The story is about three teenage boys who answer an internet advertisement for sex, and then wind up caught in a trap set by a fanatical religious group who believe they are doing God’s work by ridding the world of sinners and gay people. They’re like the Westboro Baptist Church times a million and with arsenal.

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Support Scary Vampires: Go See ‘Fright Night’

Once upon a time, vampires were cool. For years, vampires were vicious, malevolent, cruel, and manipulative soulless creatures with fangs. They didn’t want us to be their soul mates, they wanted us to be dinner and that’s why we loved them. This depiction, which in many cultures dates back to the Pre-Christian era, is being threatened.

The classic vampire, Nosferatu.

Ever since Twilight, the depiction of this once brutal monster has been radically altered. Now, vampires are sensitive, they hate killing, they have PMS, they want girlfriends, they’re celibate, and they sparkle. They fucking sparkle.

Everyday more television shows and books are produced showing vampires in this light (and not burning to a crisp). You, the fan of the traditional vampire, may be telling yourself, “I’m only one person, there’s nothing I can do to make a difference.” I’m here to tell you that there is something you can do. You can help stop this unjust treatment of the once badass bloodthirsty creature.

“How?” you ask yourself.

Here’s how: Go see Fright Night.

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