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Fanart Glee: Pacific Rim, Jaeger Party

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Gorgeous painting by GriveArt. No one was flailing as much as I was in the theater while watching Pacific Rim. No one.┬áThat said, when pondering what my next round of Fanart Glee post should be about, I realized — duh, I bet there’s some amazing Pacific Rim fanart on Tumblr these days! Check out the… Read more »


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47 Ronin is a fantastical retelling of history, based on the legend of a group of samurai who avenged their master’s ┬áhonor. The movie combines the legend of the actual 47 Ronin, a little re-writing and a dash of Japanese mythology. Overall, I found that it was a fun ride and a very pretty movie… Read more »

Sandra Bullock Lesson #4

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I think Sandra Bullock put it best when she described this film as “the biggest piece of crap ever made.” But still, lessons can be learned. I shall dig deep and find some.

Sandra Bullock Lesson #2

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This week, I learn a few very useful lessons from Demolition Man Lesson: If you have children in the here and now, then travel forward in time, do not have sex with random people until you have ascertained exactly what happened to said children.

One Dragon, One Party 2014

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Compared to last year’s extravagant event, this year’s Oscar party hosted by was a much more casual and low key event. That didn’t stop us from putting on our wannabe-red-carpet outfits and braving the traffic in Los Angeles! Apparently, all the streets are closed when the celebrities are strutting their way down the red… Read more »