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Ep. 176 Nard Punch

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The Lady Geeks honors Janelle Asselin as this episode’s Geek Hero, have a spoiler-y discussion about Captain America: Winter Soldier and a little bit of Wondercon 2014 talk — while Fortune Cookie dies from allergies. Fanfic Theatre: Terminator x Lion King.

Fanart Glee: Pacific Rim, Jaeger Party

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Gorgeous painting by GriveArt. No one was flailing as much as I was in the theater while watching Pacific Rim. No one.┬áThat said, when pondering what my next round of Fanart Glee post should be about, I realized — duh, I bet there’s some amazing Pacific Rim fanart on Tumblr these days! Check out the… Read more »


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47 Ronin is a fantastical retelling of history, based on the legend of a group of samurai who avenged their master’s ┬áhonor. The movie combines the legend of the actual 47 Ronin, a little re-writing and a dash of Japanese mythology. Overall, I found that it was a fun ride and a very pretty movie… Read more »

Sandra Bullock Lesson #4

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I think Sandra Bullock put it best when she described this film as “the biggest piece of crap ever made.” But still, lessons can be learned. I shall dig deep and find some.

Sandra Bullock Lesson #2

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This week, I learn a few very useful lessons from Demolition Man Lesson: If you have children in the here and now, then travel forward in time, do not have sex with random people until you have ascertained exactly what happened to said children.