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One Last Time, The One Last Party

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“All’s well that ends better.” hosted the last Oscar party for fans of the Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit movies this past weekend at the American Legion in Hollywood.  Traditionally, the fan parties took place during Oscar night so we can all gather and watch the award show together. This year, the party took… Read more »

REVIEW: ‘Outcast’ Starring Nicolas Cage and Hayden Christensen

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When the Space Pirate Queen asked me if I was interested in watching and reviewing a movie starring Nicolas Cage that took place during the Crusades my response was somewhere in the “Oh Hellz Yes” category. That movie, kids, is Outcast. This movie is without a doubt entertaining and not just because Nicolas Cage has… Read more »

Ep. 224 Thank You, Stefan

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Has the internet gone crazy that we’re all taking 50 Shades of Grey way too seriously? Learn about Fortune Cookie’s fandom words of the day and we handed out yet another ovaries explosion award. Fanfic Theatre: Arrow x Street Racing x Fighting…

Legends of the Knight, Not Your Typical Superhero Flick

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How do we triumph over travesty? On the Fatman on Batman podcast, Kevin Smith recites a prayer — “Our Batman, who art in Gotham…” To many fans, Batman has become almost a deity — a symbol of strength, a role model and a representation of what is good. Legend of the Knight features people, who… Read more »

CONTEST: Lucy Giveaway

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Scarlett Johansson plays a modern, female superhero in the upcoming movie, LUCY, which also stars Morgan Freeman and Choi Min-sik. We are particularly excited to see this movie because we are all for badass female kicking lots of booty! The world of LUCY is gritty, full of action with a fascinating take on what it… Read more »