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Ep. 140 #DirkBatYes

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In the spirit of the Catwoman movie (that never happened), Gizzy B and SPQ come up with their very own Batman origin story that they think both nerds and ‘real’ men can enjoy because it involves sports and that’s what dudes like. Right?

CONTEST: The World’s End Giveaway

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We have a very exciting giveaway this week! One of our favorites, director Edgar Wright is back with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost for a new, action packed movie. Welcome to the ultimate road trip, buddy film between friends and their conquest to hit up some pubs in England. We can’t wait to see this… Read more »

CONTEST: ‘Admission’ Giveaway!

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A movie starring Tina Fey and Paul Rudd? We’re in!  Admission is a romantic comedy that we would want to watch and we are excited to announce this contest giveaway to our readers. Wanna know what the prizes are and how you can win them? Read the contest rules below!

‘Warm Bodies’ and Why I Already Love This Movie

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“They would literally eat anything with a heart beat. I mean, I will to, but at least I’m conflicted about it.” When the concept for Warm Bodies was first brought to my attention, my immediate reaction was: “I am going to watch this movie because it’s going to be about zombies and it’s going to… Read more »

MOVIE REVIEW: Cosmopolis

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Business meetings, sexual encounters and a prostrate exam all in one day… all of it happened inside a young billionaire’s limousine on his way to his favorite barber shop while stuck in a traffic jam. Cosmopolis, directed by David Cronenberg, is a movie that requires a lot of the viewer’s attention and not just to drool… Read more »

CONTEST: Les Misérables Giveaway!

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One of the more famous stage musical has been adapted into a movie, starring some of our favorite people — Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathaway. Les Misérables is a story of unrequited love, passion and sacrifice. The songs are timeless and we are giving away a copy of the soundtrack among other prizes! Want to… Read more »