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Ep. 174 Hard Boiled

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Pilbeam brings in another ‘What What!’ and we learn a little something-something about Easter traditions and history. There’s some talks about Captain America, some talks about Lucy and some talks about Jem and the Holograms.

Ep. 172 Tea Bags

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The Lady Geeks record on April Fool’s Day and they took it to a slightly science-food-nerd direction on how our tastebuds can be easily fooled. Also, thoughts on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles plus Michael Bay. Fanfic Theatre: Lord of the Rings (???)


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47 Ronin is a fantastical retelling of history, based on the legend of a group of samurai who avenged their master’s ¬†honor. The movie combines the legend of the actual 47 Ronin, a little re-writing and a dash of Japanese mythology. Overall, I found that it was a fun ride and a very pretty movie… Read more »

Ep. 170 Part Something Something

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We debut our newest segment, ‘Geekheroes’, which brings up another discussion on white-washed Hollywood movies. The Space Pirate Queen wants to marry Felicia Day. Fanfic Theatre: Twilight (???).

CONTEST: Fandango’s Award Watch Giveaway

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Award season is here and we are giving away $25 movie gift card courtesy of Fandango! You know us Lady Geeks don’t take our movies lightly and we want to know who you are rooting for to win during the Academy Awards. See below how you can win at the same time!

Ep. 164 ManRats

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The Lady Geeks discuss Hollywood’s attempt at “whitewashing” Akira, Bill Finger’s uncredited work on Batman and a shipwreck unleashed by Canada full of cannibal rats. Fandom Word of the Day:¬†Tokubetsu na kibun.