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INTERVIEW: Vas Saranga Joins the Cast of Orphan Black

Vas Saranga was inspired by his idol, Michael J. Fox, to begin his journey into acting and filmmaking. He became widely known for his starring role in Mudpit as Reese. He has appeared in several other shows such as FlashpointTodd and the Book of Pure Evil, The Strain and soon, you will see him in fan favorite, Orphan Black. Read our interview with Vas as he discusses his role in Orphan Black and life as a creative person.

Are you excited to join the cast of Orphan Black? What can you tell us about your role as Amar?

I’m incredibly excited to join the cast of Orphan Black. It’s one of the best TV series ever created. Amar is part of a secret island camp called Revival, that is run by P.T. Westmoreland, the founder of Neolution. He’s a member of a hunting party, and he specializes in tracking with dogs, commanding two Dobermans. My character, Amar, will appear in several episodes this season, in a pivotal storyline.

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