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Ep. 163 Progress the Series

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We spoke with the cast and crew of Progress the Series: Paul Lada (VFX/editor), David King (production designer), Paul Madariaga (assistant director/associate producer), Armando Saldanamora (writer/co-producer), Derek Houck (actor: Adam Rhett), Kai Cofer (actor: Alben Scot),Rebecca Lynch (actress: Lila DeClide), Keith Stacey (composer) and Nicole Wright (producer). Progress is a  steampunk themed series set in the Victorian Era where a hacker finds… Read more »

CONTEST: ‘The Cold Dish’, Book Giveaway!

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Thanks to Penguin, we are giving away a copy of The Cold Dish, the first novel in the Walt Longmire mystery series written by Craig Johnson! HOW TO ENTER: Leave a comment on this blog post with your full name and your e-mail address so we may contact you for your shipping information when you… Read more »

BOOK REVIEW: ‘Acquainted With the Night’ by Piper Maitland

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Also read the author’s guest blog for Defective Geeks -  BLOG TOUR: Piper Maitland’s ‘Acquainted With the Night.’ I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from this book. I’ve been caught up with reading young adult novels these days that it’s been months since I’ve read a book for grown ups. Acquainted With the Night… Read more »

BOOK: ‘Who Do, Voodoo?’ by Rochelle Staab

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I haven’t read a mystery novel in quite awhile – high fantasy and young adult tend to take up a lot of my reading time to be honest. I didn’t quite know what to expect when I received a copy of Who Do Voodoo? by Rochelle Staab. All I knew was that I do enjoy… Read more »

UK Trip 2011: Stonehenge

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When Pilbeam asked me what I wanted to see while in I visited her in England, the Stonehenge was on my main list of must-see-tourist-attraction. I am a big fan of the wonders of the world (again, somewhat of a history dork). We planned a quick stop to Salisbury between Bath and our trip back… Read more »