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My Time at an Anime Swap Meet

Geeks of all fandoms and walks of life satisfy their passions by obtaining material goods. But what happens when old flames fade or when ten years of collecting catches up to you?

It can be very hard for a geek to say goodbye to old treasures and it’s unthinkable to just haul it to the curb or to blindly donate it. Once my anime club donated some manga in a book drive for the U.S. troops in Iraq but what are the odds of a Japanese copy of Revolutionary Girl Utena winding up in the hands of someone who appreciates it?

The answer is: hold a swap meet specifically for fandom goods.

Some conventions such as Fanime and Comic-Con address their attendees’ plights of needing to clear their collections and set up times and spaces dedicated to fans selling, buying, and bartering various treasures.  But why wait for those specific times?

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Let’s Eat! : OC Fair 2011

Half of the Southern Californian nerds flocked to Comic Con two weeks ago and the majority of the ones who stayed in their metaphorical basements were stocking every media outlet for Comic Con happenings in real time. NOT ME! I wasn’t going to stay at home and be passively jealous of Gizzy and the Space Pirate Queen being important. NOT THAT I CARE OR ANYTHING. *sniff*

The weather was freaking fabulous and I wasn’t going to waste the perfect mid 70s/low 80s day. The rest of the nation is in a massive heat wave. They would KILL to be able to be outside. So I went out to the annual Orange County Fair at the Costa Mesa Fairgrounds.

The fair has a rich history going back more than a century, providing a temporary venue where the whole community could come together in ways that are both inspiring and humbling.  The talent showcased in the exhibitions blew me away and getting the rare chance to look into agriculture was amazing. It’s important to have exposure to farming and food especially when Americans are dependent on the 3% of the population that do devote their lives to feeding the rest of us. If we spend our entire lives eating food, we might as well invest time to learn about it and the proper process.

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