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Fanart Glee: Tauriel and Kili


Hobbit Denial Pyramid by skart2005 on deviantART

Now, I know this is a controversial topic and most of all, a very controversial pairing (though most people seem to accept the Gimli and Legolas shipping a lot more) but I loved Tauriel in The Hobbit and I loved that Kili had a huge crush on her.

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Let’s face it. As much as we love the original book, The Hobbit was a bro show. Which is fine for the book and nothing will ever change or re-write that classic piece of literature but in my growing adult years, I find that accepting the fluidity of media makes my life that much easier.

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New OTP: Tauriel and Kili

So for those of you who have seen The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug you are probably enchanted by its visuals, its epic storytelling, and the themes of small creatures having the ability to change the world.

If you’re like me you are most enchanted by the new amazing pairing that is She-Elf badass Tauriel and cutie pie Dwarf Kili.

Tauriel The second this pairing was hinted at during the movie, I practically lost it. So many fangirl feelings came up that I have not experienced since the days of Lord of the Rings. There’s something about this franchise. I am a fan of many different stories, but I always revert back to my most cavewoman teenage fangirl instincts with anything Tolkien related.


During the movie the Space Pirate Queen and I were clapping in girly delight every single time this pair was hinted at. We kept saying out loud, “So many feelings! All the feelings! YES.” There’s just something so perfect about it. Even though Tauriel is not from the books, she is an amazing character and holds her own. Of course there is an implied romance between her and Legolas, so having her paired off with Kili makes so much sense. It further enforces Legolas’s hatred for dwarves (after all, his lady has the hots for one) which he expresses greatly in Lord of the Rings.

Yes, I know none of this is canon, but I don’t care. This is how logic works in the mind of a fangirl. Now pardon me while I ship this couple and look up amazing fanart on Tumblr.