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Catherine PS3 -Love is Over-

It’s a Killer

So when Atlus announced Catherine, a game made by the Persona team but not a Persona game, fandom had mixed reactions. The majority supporting this direction and excited to see something new from their fave creative team, the minority bitching that Persona 5 should have taken priority, why branch out when you have a working formula?

I was on the fence, I love the Persona teams ideas, but a puzzle game? Eeeeeh, not my cup of tea. Would I be able to handle the challenge? Would I stick with it to see the end? I wasn’t sure, and I certainly wasn’t sure I’d like it, but given the team I’d give it a shot, and boy am I glad I did!

Catherine is at heart, an Atlus game. Meaning if you’re an Atlus fan you’ll find yourself in comfortable territory story-wise, charming characters in a bizzarro Earth world, real world problems with some less-than-real solutions. It’s ground they’ve covered before, but ground they know well and can do a lot with. For me the plot was the driving point of the game, I really wanted to find out what happened next, and the myriad of choices given to reach one of the 8 different endings were enough to entice multiple replays.

The move to older protagonists with older, adult problems, was a bonus for me, as an adult gamer. You can only play high school so many times once you’re done with high school before you’re left wanting something a little more relatable to your life. Catherine brings this in spades, marriage, children, commitment, job or family, pretty much everything you’ve had to, or will have to contemplate as an average working adult is covered, and for me, it made the game that much more fun. Do you answer the questions posed to you honestly, or do you answer them as you would in your perfect world?

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