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INTERVIEW: Kyle Lucey On Continuing Comedy During a Global Pandemic with The Secret Show!

Toronto-based comedian, Kyle Lucey, found a (safe) way to continue to bring laughter to a few people during the global pandemic through The Secret Show! Learn more about how he did it below.

Hi Kyle! Can you tell us about The Secret Show! and what was the inspiration behind it?

The Secret Show is part of my comedy company, “Renegade Comedy” that has been producing sold out shows at bars, comedy clubs, casinos and theaters for over 5 years now. When the lockdown hit Toronto, every comedy club in the country had to closed its doors to keep everybody safe. Comedians were greatly affected by this because we had no way of doing our art. Comedians were labelled, “non-essential” and our industry was decimated. Around June 2021, the Ontario government started allowing up to 10 people outside. I saw an opportunity there. I thought, “let’s turn my backyard into a comedy club!” This would give myself and fellow comics some much needed stage time. We made sure we capped the audience so we would be abiding by government protocol for outside gatherings. I branded it as a secret show so that I wasn’t sending out my address to strangers but it was a happy accident. Audience loved the speakeasy vibe The Secret Show created and we have been sold out every week for over 3 months!

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Ep. 58 Halloween: H20

Holy hiatus, Spiderman! The podcast is back with three more episodes. Recorded pre-covid (hey, remember those times?) James and Giselle discuss the 1998 slasher-fest “Halloween: H20.” The two compare and contrast the 1998 return of Laurie Strode to the 2018 one, how chardonnay drinking axe wielding Laurie is… kind of amazing, and how adorably 90s this sequel is. Check it out!

Ep. 57 Masters of the Universe

You read that right, this week the hosts talk about the 1987 live action science fiction fantasy extravaganza “Masters of the Universe.” James and Giselle dive in and discuss how utterly 80s the setting is (so much Aqua Net), some behind the scenes factoids, and how the movie is pretty much The Skeletor Show. As it SHOULD be. Listen and check it out!

Ep. 56 The Witches of Eastwick

Since it is October and therefore the perfect time to talk about all things witchy the hosts this week decided to talk about one of their favorite witchy flicks, “The Witches of Eastwick.” Yeah! James and Giselle go through this 1987 classic and discuss its themes of feminism, its allegory of the patriarchy, and how the Devil is pretty much a f*ckboy. Also, Veronica Cartwright forever. Check it out!

Ep. 55 X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Ahhh, yes. Time to finally delve into a movie about mutants! “Days of Future Past,” you ask? Nah, been done already. “First Class,” maybe? Pffft, it was just okay… “Logan,” you wonder? Please, don’t be rude. This week the hosts talk about what was clearly the, uh, *best* mutant movie, “X-Men Origins: Wolverine.” Uh huh! James and Giselle jump in and discuss what made the 2009 superhero flick so… special… along with semi-rewriting the movie in the process. In other words Julia Sugarbaker should have been in it. Listen and you’ll understand.

Ep. 54 Midsommar

Maypoles, shrooms, and bear suits… Oh my! Yep, this week the hosts talk about the very pretty and very creepy “Midsommar.” James and Giselle discuss their individual takes on the story, character motivations, the unique use of horror, and the subtly insidious nature of the community (or “Swedish Death Cult” as the hosts call it). Also, don’t piss on ancestral trees. Bad things happen when you piss on ancestral trees.

Ep. 53 Spiderman: Far From Home

And I… Will always looove yoooou! Yeah, we figured we should start the description the same way the movie started. Yes, we are proud. Anyway! This week the hosts talk about “Spiderman: Far From Home.” James and Giselle discuss how the movie does as an individual story, how well it also works as the end cap to this entire MCU Phase, and what makes this particular franchise stand out. Also, can Mysterio become the new Loki, please? Pretty please? Check it out!

Ep. 52 Blade: Trinity

Vampire Pomeranians, yes! This week the hosts talk about the ending chapter of the Blade franchise, “Blade: Trinity.” In this episode James and Giselle talk about the origins of the character, the fact that Blade was the first full Marvel movie franchise (hell yeah!), and discuss the differences between the first two movies and the third one. P.S. This episode was recorded before the VERY exciting SDCC announcement of a Blade reboot, but it can be said here that the hosts are pretty damn stoked for it ;)