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Comikaze Expo 2013 – Come See Us!

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Comikaze Expo is already on the horizons — on November 1st to the 3rd to be exact! Of course, we will be present, running around, taking photos and filming our video interviews. We will be on the floor and in and out of panels for most of it. If you see us, make sure to… Read more »

Ep. 144 Sean Astin

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We were lucky enough to have actor, Sean Astin, to speak with us about his Kickstarter campaign for Vox Populi in this special podcast episode! Please check out where you can donate or help spread the word.

Ep. 143 Val-Ritto

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This is the ‘I Love You’ episode so the Lady Geeks talk about animals eating zombies, spiders in your car, mites pooping on your eyeballs — if this episode isn’t creepy enough for you the week before Halloween, then we don’t know what is!

Ep. 142 Hot, Derpy and John Cho

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In this episode, there are more talks about television shows but don’t worry, the Vampire Diaries discussion is quite minimal. The Lady Geeks share their thoughts on the “LoliChan” phenomenon, what it implies about the human psyche and why the internet can seem so strange.

Ep. 139 Alteil Horizons

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Sean Molyneaux¬†of Apocoplay joined us to talk about Alteil Horizons and their Kickstarter campaign to help launch this sequel to Japan’s popular online card game. We talked about the very vast world of the game — its different mythologies, characters and storylines. We discussed the artwork and what fans (and newbies!) can look forward to…. Read more »

Ep. 136 The Parker, the Ultimate Supervillain

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In this week’s episode, Gizzy B confesses her short but tumultuous relationship with Candy Crush Saga. The Lady Geeks also discuss ¬†the ‘boys’ club’ of the comic book industry and video game industry — all while trying to figure out how to win Batman’s heart. Fanfic Theater: Attack on Titan x FREE!