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Ep. 98 And We Complain About Google Hangout

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In this episode, we go old school with Gizzy B and the Space Pirate Queen are left to their own devices. So they spend an hour of the podcast gushing about how amazing The One Expected Party was during Oscar night. Stalking Dominic Monaghan never gets old, apparently. Fanfic Theater: The Immortals.

Ep. 97 Amira de Vera

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Our guest, Amira de Vera, is a publicist, a PR personality, a daywalker and also the Space Pirate Queen’s cousin! She discusses her work as a publicist, how she helps all kinds of entertainers and the future of PR with new media and web. She also talks about how people should approach them for interviews… Read more »

Ep. 96 Celery and Tampons

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The Space Pirate Queen had spent an afternoon watching documentaries about George Lucas, Evil and Zombies . . . those are all separate movies, by the way. There might be some offensive opinions on religion, be warned, and talks about lady part functions. Fanfic Theater: The Walking Dead.

Ep. 95 Fantasy V-Days

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It’s time for the biggest fantasy day for ladies . . . Valentine’s Day! We share our dream dates with you — from homemade gifts from Daryl Dixon, to hipster dinner with JGL, to mechas falling out from a different universe, to male harems. Let us know yours. Fanfic Theater: Batman, Robin and the Titanic.

Ep. 94 It’s Not a Color!

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The Lady Geeks discuss unemployment and jobs while we all worry about leaving children around Fortune Cookie. They also discuss the semi-old news of J.J. Abrams directing ‘Star Wars’ while the Space Pirate Queen gets overly excited by ‘The Vampire Diaries’ spin-off show.

Ep. 93 Travelcast in LA’s Chinatown

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  The Space Pirate Queen and Gizzy B do their first walking podcast in downtown Los Angeles in Chinatown. The ladies take you on a walk then listen to them chatter about Princess Diaries, Downton Abbey, freeways and music while they shovel Chinese food into their food holes.