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Ep. 162 Things to Learn from Sandra Bullock

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You heard it here first — Pilbeam will be writing a book dedicated to life lessons one can learn from watching Sandra Bullock movies! We talk a little bit about Valentine’s Day, plus the most amazing movie news EVER. Fanfic Theatre: Harry Potter.

Ep. 161 Emma Approved

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The cast of Emma Approved joins us in this amazing and fun episode, with Joanna Sotomura (Emma Woodhouse), Brent Bailey (Alex Knightley), Dayeanne Hutton (Harriet Smith), James Brent Isaacs (Bobby Martin), Gabriel Voss (Ryan Weston)  and Mapuana Makia (Izzy Knightley). Listen to the actors talk about the show, their characters and us fangirling over Jane Austen with James Brent Isaacs. This… Read more »

Ep. 160 Hermione’s True Love Story

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The Lady Geeks delve into a passionate discussion about J.K. Rowling’s recent “regrets” in pairing Hermione with Ron (aka this is Harry Potter talk) and hash out her true love story post-Voldermort in the Wizarding World. We also discuss why people are so afraid of girls with short hair.

Ep. 159 Embrace Your Weird

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Inspired by the anime, Princess Jellyfish, the Lady Geeks get into a discussion about what it means to be different, how it affected them as young people and how to deal with the hardships of feeling like an ‘outsider.’ Fanfic Theatre: Harry Potter.

Ep. 158 Oscar Non-Predictions

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The Lady Geeks talk about eating for paid webcam shows, Jon Hamm as Doctor Strange and introduces a new segment called ‘Weird Crushes.’ Then, we get into a lackluster discussion on the Oscar nominations of movies we haven’t seen because it has been a slow news day.

Ep. 157 Marie Lu Returns!

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Marie Lu returns to the podcast after wrapping up her first book trilogy: Legend, Prodigy and Champion. Listen as we discuss her writing methods, characters and upcoming projects. Also, Team Thomas never falters!