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Ep. 173 Hard Boiled

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Pilbeam brings in another ‘What What!’ and we learn a little something-something about Easter traditions and history. There’s some talks about Captain America, some talks about Lucy and some talks about Jem and the Holograms.

Ep. 172 Tea Bags

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The Lady Geeks record on April Fool’s Day and they took it to a slightly science-food-nerd direction on how our tastebuds can be easily fooled. Also, thoughts on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles plus Michael Bay. Fanfic Theatre: Lord of the Rings (???)

Ep. 171 Mike Myler

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We talk to game writer, Mike Myler, who is representing from, a subscription based website that provides D&D and RPG Pathfinder compatible adventures. We chat about RPGs, writing for them and their successful Kickstarter for Rise of the Drow. We asked a bajillion questions and Mike tells us how he got into writing for… Read more »

Comics on Comics with Mark Sable and Us!

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Our favorite people, Juan and Vito had Gizzy B and I on their podcast, with comic book writer, Mark Sable! Gizzy B had been on their podcast before but this was my first time. We had a lot of fun discussing some comic news and basking in the Mark Sable glory. Click here to listen… Read more »

Ep. 170 Part Something Something

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We debut our newest segment, ‘Geekheroes’, which brings up another discussion on white-washed Hollywood movies. The Space Pirate Queen wants to marry Felicia Day. Fanfic Theatre: Twilight (???).

Ep. 169 Orange Codpieces

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The Lady Geeks talk about the attractive “otaku” cashiers of Japan’s Animate stores, discuss why Hollywood sucks, mermaid tails and some much missed Spider News. Fanfic Theatre: ???