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Comikaze Expo 2013 – Come See Us!


Comikaze Expo is already on the horizons — on November 1st to the 3rd to be exact! Of course, we will be present, running around, taking photos and filming our video interviews. We will be on the floor and in and out of panels for most of it. If you see us, make sure to ask for a Defective Geeks sticker!

You will probably spot us at panels like All Shapes and Sizes hosted by Leah Cevoli but on the last day of the convention, on Sunday at 5pm, you can see yours truly (the Space Pirate Queen!) seated at a panel called ‘So You Wanna Start a Podcast‘ in Room 308AB with all the greats — Crix Lee and Lawrence Young of Gecken, Vito Lapiccola of Comics on Comics, Chris Gore and Wes Calimer of Geek Hero and 1337 Lounge Live.

Should be a fun and good panel, so please come by and show some love!

See you at Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo!

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Zombie Night at the iO West with PodCRASH! and Comic Book Live

PodCrash! Walking Dead Edition

On February 23rd, we returned to the iOWest to invade Hollywood along side some zombies. Chris Gore hosted a live PodCRASH! and the night’s topic was zombies and anything and everything that had to do with them. Gizzy B was among the participants on the PodCRASH zombie panel and all the panelists were competing with each other on who will survive and who will get “killed off”… just like in the movies.

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Watch our live show from GEEKGIRLPALOOZA! with Chris Gore and our special geek girl guest, Annie Violet. It was a lot of fun for us to do this — our first time on the big girl stage! This show is all for fun so please, take it lightheartedly and we hope we’ll make you laugh with our antics. It all comes from a place of love.

If you can’t get the video to work, click here to go directly to PodCRASH’s YouTube channel. Enjoy! Excuse all our “Loki Moments”… or enjoy those too.

GEEKGIRLPALOOZA! A Night of Lady Geeks at the iO West


Our first show at the iO West with PodCrash! with Chris Gore was so much fun. I won’t give too much away about our conversation so you guys can watch the video or listen to the podcast later. Fortunately, it seemed that our live audience enjoyed it a lot, so we hope you will too. We had a lot of fun that night and I’m still giddy that they allowed us on a “grown up” stage — thank you, Chris and PodCrash crew!

Friend of the website, Annie Violet, joined us that night to help in the intense discussion of Lady Geek topics. She definitely brought on the adorable-ness that night.

For now, check out all our photos from the show below.

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Upcoming LIVE Podcast Shows!

December 8th, 2012, 8PM @ iOWest Hollywood

Check out the Facebook Event Page for more information!

It’s a GEEKGIRLPALOOZA! We are doing our second live podcast show with Chris Gore and we’re taking the show to Hollywood at the iconic iOWest Theater. The show starts at 8pm but join us at the bar before the show starts. Go to the Facebook Event page for updates and check our twitter too.

December 15th, 2012, 7PM @ Meltdown Comics

Check out the Facebook Event Page for the SUPER*MARKET NIGHTMARKET!

We’re back at Meltdown Comics at the Nerdist Theater for SUPER*MARKET to celebrate the holidays. Come and get a little shopping done, buy presents and we will sing you some holiday carols. Not really. Well. Maybe. But seriously, this show is always fun and adorable — we hope to see all of you there!


Video and Photos! Defective Geeks x Podcrash with That Chris Gore

Here are additional photos from our last live show with Chris Gore for his Podcrash Show. We also wanted to share the videos that Chris has uploaded on his new Youtube channel for his podcast. Here is the recording of our live Fanfic Theater performance with Chris, who was a great sport about reading slashy, Star Trek goodness with us.

Fore more videos visit the Podcrash Show Youtube channel.


Listen to the podcast episode: Ep. 65 Defective Geeks x Podcrash with That Chris Gore.

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Ep. 65 Defective Geeks x PodCrash with That Chris Gore!

Listen to our third live show at the Comic Bug in Manhattan Beach, California with Chris Gore! We delve into the wonders and secrets of Lady Geeks and how the male geeks should proceed if they want to date us and get into our superhero underwear. Lots of tales of love and woe between everyone! Chris also indulges the ladies with a round of raunchy, Star Trek Fanfic Theater.