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Ep. 133 Regina Carpinelli, We Heart You


Join us as we celebrate our third anniversary with Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo’s CEO, Regina Carpinelli! This show was recorded with a lot of love and more red wine as we discuss the upcoming Comikaze Expo in November and Regina’s SyFy show, Fangasm. This episode is an explosion of geek talk from Sharknado to comic books to Sailormoon.

Project Runway: Top 5 Moments and Bitchy Observations of the Week

Every Thursday I get together with my girls and we spend an evening eating local cuisine (aka borderline fast food) and watching Season 9 of Project Runway on Lifetime.  We aren’t fashion designers but just like with any other trade, you don’t need to be neck-deep in it to know how to bitch about it.

And this week we had plenty to bitch about because this week’s challenge was so ridiculously stupid.


This week’s challenge is to design clothing for professional  stiltwalkers.   The runway show for this episode was held in Battery Park –the first runway show to be held outside.

The designers were put into teams of two and were given a budget of $500 and one day to complete their garments. Ouch.

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‘The Dead Files’ premiers on the Travel Channel this Fall Season

My childhood experience while growing up in the Philippines has cemented my belief on the paranormal and the “other world”– just call me, Spooky Pirate Queen! That’s an X-Files joke, by the way and you’re way super cool if you got it.

Ghost Adventures, Travel Channel

The Travel Channel is my go-to channel whenever I turn on the television and yes, I admit it: I enjoy the occasional Ghost Adventures episode here and then. For those who does not know, these guys: Zak Bagans, Nick Groff and Aaron Goodwin travel all over the United States at haunted destinations. What do they do? Well, the one thing that only three dudes would do together… they lock themselves over night in these supposedly haunted houses and buildings. It’s like watching a long drawn-out dare each time as the guys run about with night vision cameras while Zak taunts the ghosts to either touch him or speak to them. It’s often hilarious and often you do get a glimpse of what may be on the other side of death. But often time, these ghosts are from a far away past and history.

What happens when they send people to investigate the more recent dead?

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