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While the rest of you guys are living it up at Comic-Con and I’m totally not wallowing in self-pity and jealousy, let’s talk about Magic Mike and why everyone should go see it. Four good reasons, right there. When I first heard that Channing Tatum was going to make a movie (loosely) based on his… Read more »

COMIC REVIEW: Angel Punk #1

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Also read COMIC REVIEW: Angel Punk The first issue of Angel Punk jumps right into action. Maya, the main character, is on the first page holding bloodied weapons over the dead body of a man. Looking a little crazed. From that point, the story moves rather fast and a lot of the story was still… Read more »

Spartacus: Swords and Ashes book review

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SPOILER WARNING: I have not watched the TV series, so I don’t know how directly the two are linked. I may be discussing things here that will spoil the show. I won’t know until I watch it, which I’m going to because the book got me hooked. When I was in high school, I was… Read more »

Graphic Novel Review: One Model Nation

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One Model Nation is set in Germany in the 1970s, deep into the Cold War. The story, which is historical fiction, follows a fictitious band who is hitting it big in the alternative scene, but getting a lot of bad press because some of their fans are part of a terrorist group.

WHITE COLLAR: “Checkmate” Mid-Season Premiere Advance Review

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Rejoice, White Collar fans! We finally made it! There’s only one week left before our favorite cop-and-robber duo returns, with an action-packed premiere full of drama and unexpected twists. Can you guys believe it’s already been five whole months since the mid-season finale? Just in case you haven’t been obsessively rewatching White Collar episodes to… Read more »