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BOOK: ‘Who Do, Voodoo?’ by Rochelle Staab

I haven’t read a mystery novel in quite awhile – high fantasy and young adult tend to take up a lot of my reading time to be honest. I didn’t quite know what to expect when I received a copy of Who Do Voodoo? by Rochelle Staab. All I knew was that I do enjoy the occasional mystery and I love the topic of voodoo (or vodou).

The story is about Liz Cooper and her best (very, very best) friend in the world, Robin Bloom. An anonymous person began leaving threatening tarot cards on Robin’s door. Robin is very superstitious while Liz is not. Liz just wants to find the punk who is trying to scare her friend to death.

Liz’s pushy mother orders her to ask Nick Garfield’s help – a professor in the occult who happened to be Liz’s brother’s best friend. Of course, the sexual tension between Liz and Nick was quite obvious from the start. Kind of awkward that Liz’s cheating ex-husband is still calling her every other day. During their investigation, they pinpoint to one suspect: Sophie, a young woman who is dating Robin’s boss. Sophie might also be a New Orleans voo doo princess.

Despite all these silly instances in the story, the plot quickly turns dangerous as Robin is framed for murder. Sophie’s murder.

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