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Perfectasy: Cowboys and Rainbows

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Thursday, August 18, 2011– Onch Movement had its second Perfectasy party at Royal-T Cafe: Cowboys and Rainbows. Yes, there were cowboys and there were rainbows to behold. The night was full of fashionable people as Petro Zilla rolled in her with her unique clothing line. I’m digging the whole prairie/cowboy style. Definitely a high-fashion night  but… Read more »

OnchMovement’s Perfectasy, Land of Awesome Jewelry, Unicorns and Mermaids

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Thursday, August 4– Onch launches Perfectasy, a one month long pop up shop that features his jewelry and other accessories at Royal-T Cafe in Culver City. Colorful pretzels, Andy Warhol inspired bananas, and bacon necklaces are among many of the unique items you will find at Perfectasy, all part of the OnchMovement fashion line. They’re… Read more »

Cosplay in America, Launch Party

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Cosplay in America is a photography book by Ejen Chuang. In 2009, he went to six different anime conventions across the country, compiling photos for the book. The result? The first and most extensive documentation of last year’s generation of cosplayers in America. All characters, all races, all genders are featured in this book– and… Read more »

Kitties and Batties!

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The Hello Kitty celebration ended for me at the Bats & Cats Masquerade, hosted by the super BubblePunch team… but what a EPIC, FABULOUS last party, it was! I arrived at Royal/T Cafe at around 8pm after work that night and the line was already insanely long!!! Wow!!! An indication of how the cafe would… Read more »

Got my Gyaru On

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Photo by HI HI CARO! Went to ZIPPERCUT‘s Japanology Hello Kitty/Gyaru chapter briefly last Wednesday night! Felt a little strange in my attempt to emulate the gyaru style– good enough for the first (last??) attempt, I suppose? Unfortunately, I didn’t get to stay long and take as many photos that night. The event was already… Read more »