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Great Halloween Movies: ‘Dog Soldiers’

Picture it: A group of soldiers are on a routine military exercise in the wilderness of Scotland. Everything is fine and dandy, until they find a rival group completely slaughtered with only one survivor babbling total nonsense. They soon discover that what committed this gruesome act was not man, but a deadlier foe who is already on their trail.

This foe is a pack of large, deadly, and very hungry werewolves.

Dog Soldiers was written and directed by Neil Marshall, the man responsible for the utter creepfest The Descent and the fun post-apocalyptic movie Doomsday (that movie kicked ass). What makes Dog Soldiers great is that it’s not a standard “werewolf movie”. It’s more like a war/male comradery movie… with werewolves. It’s about soldiers fighting a deadly foe, the main character Cooper overcoming his own issues, and the bad guys getting their just desserts… with werewolves. There are the standard set-ups and payoffs that exist within the genre, but since the movie never takes itself too seriously they totally work. Marshall makes this story a damn good time and a lot of fun for anybody who is a fan of werewolves.

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UK Trip 2011: Scotland

Pilbeam and I jetted off to Scotland and spent two glorious days in Edinburgh. When we arrived, the sun was out and shining! Which surprised both of us since we expected rain, rain and more rain. We stayed at the Travelodge Shandwick Place; the best thing about our cheap-o, little hotel was literally around the corner was the Edinburgh Castle.

The view around the corner of our hotel!

We did see plenty during our two and a half days in Edinburgh. On our first night, we took the Haunted Ghost Tour hosted by a ‘historical interpreter’ (or as we like to call them… larpers!). The tour was free and started at The Last Drop pub which is located on Grassmarket street. While waiting for the tour, Pilbeam and I ordered up some dessert inside the pub and I had coffee with whisky in it. It was super strong and kind of awesome. Our tour guide took us around different parts of the town, all within short walking distance from The Last Drop and told morbid stories from the town’s history. It was quite entertaining… even if he made up the stories or not! He even picked me to be a part of his first demonstration during the tour in which I had to pretend to be stuck inside an iron maiden.

I wasn’t very good at it, apparently, because he told me that I shouldn’t pursue an acting career.

Edinburgh, Day 1

Edinburgh, Day 1

We spent the morning at Edinburgh Castle on our second day and then at one of the National Galleries after we were done pretending to be princesesses. At the art museum, we got to view Rembrandt and Da Vinci paintings in person. For two girls who were immersed in art for many years, it was pretty awe-inspiring. On the third day, we went to Hollyrood Palace, the Queen’s summer home. Since it was Spring and royalty was currently absent from there, we were able to view the rooms that they usually inhabit. I thought it was kind of strange to be  trumping around someone’s residence and treating it like a museum, Pilbeam assured me it was a very ‘English thing’ to do. They did preserve Queen Mary of Scots’ private quarters in one of the towers and showcased many of her old private items- which included locks of her hair. One day, it may be possible to clone her.

On the way to Hollyrood, we ran into the Museum of Childhood inside a toy store. The museum was three story high and showcased all kinds of vintage children toys and items. It was quite a neat find and I recommend it to people who are fond of toys.

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Ep. 8 We Heart Mr. Darcy

Our Lady DefectiveGeekers had a very Jane Austen weekend in England, stocking up on Mr. Darcy merchandise along the way. Space Pirate Queen and Pilbeam tell tales of Scotland and England adventures and talk about strange films they’ve watched in between sightseeing… like Earth Girls Are Easy.