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BECOME THE PARTY WOLF: SDCC2014 List of Where to Get Crunk Like a Nerd Rock Star


There are three types of San Diego Comic Con attendees: 1. Pokemon Masters:  “I GOTTA CATCH ALL OF THE RARE POKEYMANS/LIMITED GOODS/ COLLECTIBLE ITEMS!!” You’ll see these fine folk lined up in the convention hall awaiting their preciousssss. They probably don’t talk in ALL CAPS but.. they’re THINKING IN ALL CAPS. 2. Die Hards (aka Bruce Willys):… Read more »

San Diego Comic-Con Survival Guide 2014

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San Diego Comic-con fever is slowly creeping up on us here at Defective Geeks. Do you think you’re prepared to survive the ultimate nerd weekend? Our friend, Doug Kline, is about to release the 4th edition of his unauthorized survival guide for SDCC and this book will come in handy — even if you’re a n00b… Read more »

SDCC 2013: More Pictures from The Mixer

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Here are even more pictures we have from the mixer we hosted with The Geek Girl Project during San Diego Comic Con. Now these are pictures I took on my little point and shoot, so for awesome professional quality photos from the party please defer to the previous post by the Space Pirate Queen. To the… Read more »

SDCC 2013: Geek & Sundry

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This year, Geek & Sundry won my favorite SDCC 2013 lounge picks. I only got to stop by briefly with Gizzy B but we had a pretty good time anyways. We abused the photo booth and the cardboard cut-out of Wil Wheaton (pictures below). Despite the fact that it was a Friday afternoon, the lounge… Read more »