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Fanart GLEE: Sherlock


Fanart by micamaro @ Deviantart

Sorry Robert Downey, Jr. but I’m pretty sure when the young un’s think of Sherlock Holmes, they will think of Benedict Cumberbatch.

BBC’s Sherlock brought Sherlock Holmes back into pop culture in a big bad way and it’s a flat-out amazing series. Even I— someone who will never understand the passionate Cumberbatch fandom love—enjoys watching this show. It’s smart and different while paying respects to the original work.

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Awesome Fanfic Monday: John Watson’s Grief

Welcome to Awesome Fanfic Monday!

I, like many, love Sherlock. It is a well written, very well acted show with a great rendition of an iconic character. When Sherlock (spoiler alert if you’re way behind) supposedly committed suicide that was the cliffhanger to end all cliffhangers. It was heartbreaking to see John’s grief to the loss of his best friend. For this week’s fanfic I chose a story that catalogues John’s grief and adjustment to the loss of his unique friend.


This week’s Awesome Fanfic Monday is dedicated to Texting a Disconnected Phone by Cumberbatch Critter of

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Ep. 163 Progress the Series


We spoke with the cast and crew of Progress the Series: Paul Lada (VFX/editor), David King (production designer), Paul Madariaga (assistant director/associate producer), Armando Saldanamora (writer/co-producer), Derek Houck (actor: Adam Rhett), Kai Cofer (actor: Alben Scot),Rebecca Lynch (actress: Lila DeClide), Keith Stacey (composer) and Nicole Wright (producer). Progress is a  steampunk themed series set in the Victorian Era where a hacker finds himself involved in a mystery involving the killer, Jack the Ripper. Listen to how the series the made and what’s in store for the future of Progress!

Best of Fandom Valentines for 2014

Brace Yourselves, Valentine’s Day Cards are coming.

Okay, so the fandoms over on Tumblr have already begun rolling out some pretty hilarious Valentines.  No, really if these were really available they’d put Hallmark out of business. Here is a selection of the most interesting ones being reblogged from the cute feel inducing ones to the down right wrong! (But hilarious)

Hunger Games

(Source: primgoesboom)

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The New Sherlock is in Town.

Not only do I do some back seat gaming, but I like to watch T.V. shows, especially the sci-fi, fantasy, mystery, nerdy kind. Doctor Who is one of my big favorites at the moment, as you may know by now, but while the Doctor is on vacation, I decided to check out the new Sherlock. BBC’s 21st century take of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s classic. (That’s said in a British accent.) Is he even a Sir? I forget, but it sounds right. Maybe because it is.

A few weeks ago, I watched the first “installment,” (that’s what the BBC is calling it, more about that later,) titled “A Study in Pink.” No spoilers, so don’t worry. All I have to say is that I found the show very entertaining. Great cut scenes combined with Dexter like music with a British twist and funny little quirks, makes for some fun ahead. Benedict Cumberbatch, don’t know who he is? Well, google him. This alluring gent plays Sherlock and portrays him just as interesting as his own name. If you know anything about Sherlock the character than you know he’s the ass you just can’t seem to hate. You can’t seem to hate Cumberbatch. Heh heh heh…

At first, I thought the show was a little predictable. Okay, he uses a high level of deductive reasoning. We know this, we get it. But then we get to see and hear his deductive reasoning. What makes this more interesting and a bit humorous is that he’ll talk really fast, as if to show how fast his thought process is, and combined with fast cut scenes to show what he saw. BAM! BAM! BAM! You get it? I like how he’ll ask everyone around him if they saw it and how obvious it was and when they’re still clueless, he walks out and not tell them. Oh and not to forget to mention the font work for some quick descriptions that represent his thoughts, even when he’s not in the scene. For example, I love the scene where all the journalists at a police press conference gets mass texts and the word “Wrong!” pops up next to everyone in the scene. After each of the statements that the detectives make, bling, “Wrong!” Bling, ‘Wrong!” “Ignore the texts!” I also like the fact that I just googled “what font was used for new bbc sherlock show.” I like it even more that I found a thread on Ask MetaFilter called The Case of the Unknown Font. Gill Sans is in the winning.

What I enjoyed most about how Sherlock starts to unravel the cases, is that it’s not difficult to follow along with him. It’s not hard to figure out where his deductive reasoning is taking him, you, as a viewer, know what his next move will be even before it’s shown. I’m a detective like Sherlock now! SWEET! It’s pretty fun when I see a scene and think to myself, “I so get it! He’s going to think this way and that’s how he knows to do that.” I’m is smrt! He’s perdy. *_*

BBC Sherlock

Enter Watson! Played by actor, Martin Freeman! Yaaay! First thing I noticed. WOW! Martin Freeman is aging really nicely! Hahah No, seriously, he’s one of the few men who actually look better as they get older. Like George Clooney. Anywho, Watson, in this update is a war vet. A war doctor vet. A wounded in battle doctor vet! A wounded in battle doctor vet that has post traumatic stress!! Oh wait, that’s not so updated is it now…  What I like about this Watson is that it’s staying true to the Doyle Watson. Besides the recent Sherlock Holmes movie, Watson, to me at least, was always portrayed as Sherlock’s doormat, like he needed an actual warm body to speak to other than himself or thin air. BTW, Sherlock is still weird like that. The friendship and dynamic is there again, dear loyal Watson. Freemen plays a strong Watson, I’m looking forward to seeing more character development for him. I read that Matt Smith auditioned for the role and bombed horribly. I’m glad, because he’s currently the Doctor, as it should be.

Speaking of the Doctor, but completely related to Sherlock. The lead writer and executive producer of Doctor Who is one of the master minds behind the new Sherlock. No wonder! I definitely felt a Doctor Who vibe going on. Especially from Sherlock himself.

So basically SHERLOCK is a mash of all your C.S.I. like shows, throw in a man who thinks and act like HOUSE and has the urges of Dexter. Yeah, Sherlock gets a kick out of dead bodies, especially if they were a part of a serial killing, which they all usually are.

The BBC aired three “installments” of Sherlock, each running 90 minutes, and the word on the street is, there’ll be more to come! I can’t wait!

Thanks for reading! I know it could have been better but I know I would have done major spoilage. Trust me, it’s gooood!


Peace out!

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