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Ep. 120 Meghan Ashley


Meghan Ashley is the face of Mystique, a model, an actress and a … fire-breather! Listen to our talk with Meghan Ashley and her adventures following passion to Los Angeles, Batgirl Spoiled, ¬†going to conventions and performing with the Sideshow Sirens. This is a great episode and Meghan talks about how her art has carried her to amazing life experiences.

Santa Bites! The Sideshow Sirens

SANTA BITES! The Sideshow Sirens

During the Iron Fist SANTA BITES! party, the Sideshow Sirens did two fun performances — from walking on broken glasses, eating bugs to breaking out of chains and a straight jacket! It was a neat show to watch. I was particularly taken by the straight jacket/chain trick. There is an art to it and I wished I could learn how to do it too. If you ever have the chance to check out these ladies, do it. I love the feeling of “old school” sideshow feel mixed with a more modern and fashionable look.

Besides, who doesn’t want to watch hot girls do really freaky things on stage?

SANTA BITES! The Sideshow Sirens

Enjoy more photos below.

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