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Ep. 27 Arts & Crafts with Michael Myers



Guess what? The hosts are talking about “Halloween” 2018! Yeah!! This week James and Giselle discuss and gush over the long awaited sequel. They talk about the evolution of Laurie Strode, how the movie pays tribute to the previous ones, Human-o-lanterns, alligator moats, and banana pudding. We swear it’s all relevant. And we are pretty sure Michael Myers needs his own Pinterest page.


Ep. 21 Sleepaway Camp



Choices. Choices were made when it came to 1983 low budget slasher flick “Sleepaway Camp.” James and Giselle cover everything from the movie’s absurdity, out of place characters, unintentional (?) homoeroticism, and they discuss the problematic element (trigger warning) of transphobia within the ending’s “twist.”


Attention Horror Fans: ‘Don’t Look’ Needs You!

Have you been pining for the days of classic suspense horror? How about a scary thriller in the tradition of an American slasher? Well then you are in luck because right now there is a project called Don’t Look that is homaging all of these qualities and it needs your help!


Don’t Look is about five friends who take a trip on Thanksgiving to a Pennsylvania Christmas Tree Farm. What most of them don’t realize is that the farm has a tragic history. It seems like the perfect vacation until an unknown assailant starts to terrorize the group and brutally pick them off one by one, turning the trip into a bloody nightmare.

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