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Ep. 18 InstagramLand



Time to get back into the creepy waters of ‘Black Mirror’. Yay? :D In this go around the hosts discuss ‘Nosedive’ and what it is about this specific episode that resonated with both of them. They talk about the story’s relevance along with their own personal feelings towards social media.


Ep. 13 Bitter Sweet Symphony



The hosts this week talk about one of their favorite nostalgic flicks ‘Cruel Intentions’. They talk about what makes the movie such a fun, ridiculous, iconic cult hit along with discussing elements that are problematic. Also, can we please get the spin-off TV show already? And is Sebastian secretly into scrapbooking?


Ep. 12 We May Be Dead, But We’re Still Pretty



Yes, another episode dedicated to ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ (you’re welcome)! This time James and Giselle talk about ‘Prophecy Girl’, what made the episode so damn fun, along with semi-ranting about Xander/Anya, and yet again fawning over their newfound attraction to Rupert freaking Giles.

Ep. 11 We Are The Weirdos, Mister



The hosts jump on the nostalgia train and talk about one of their favorite movies “The Craft.” They discuss why the story still resonates to this day, gush over the fashion, go on an important tangent about sexy grey hair in the temples, and discover the *true* pronunciation Manon.


Ep. 7 Oh Hello, Mr. Giles



In this episode our intrepid hosts talk about one of their favorite shows, “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”. They do their best to stay on topic as they discuss the two part premiere episode, seeing it again with adult eyes along with discussing Joss Whedon, their favorite characters, and what the show meant to them growing up.