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INTERVIEW: Danielle Hulton, Owner of Ada’s Technical Books

During Geek Girl Con 2011, Shing of Sawdust Bear Press and I had the pleasure of sitting next to Ada’s Technical Books inside the exhibit hall. The owner, Danielle Hulton, was at the convention for the entire weekend and I found it really cool that she owned her own bookstore! I think most of us book lovin’ people have had dreams about spending the rest of our lives surrounded by books.

Below, I interview Danielle on her fabulous Lady Geek life as a bookstore owner in Seattle!

What makes Ada’s Technical Books different from the rest of independent bookstores? Where did the name come from?

DANIELLE HULTON: Ada’s Technical Books is a technical bookstore. This means that we exclusively sell books on Math, Computers, Science, and Engineering. We also sell children’s books on these topics as well as some Science Fiction and Biographies of scientists. Just like most independent bookstores, we sell lots of extra things besides books. Our “extras” are also focused towards the technically minded, so we have things like puzzles, molecule earrings, and geeky cards. Our tag line is “A bookstore for geeks, by geeks.”