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Holy Awesomeness, Batman! Kevin Smith and Adam West at Comikaze Expo 2012

If you’re a fan of Kevin Smith then you probably know about his podcast Fat Man on Batman, a show where he discusses all things Batman.  This year he did a special live episode at Comikaze with none other than legend Adam West, the original and most iconic Batman. The Space Pirate Queen and I were lucky enough to attend and witness the glory of these two men on stage together.

Fatman on Batman @ Comikaze Expo 2012

The show started with Smith talking about his first exposure to the character Batman. The 1960’s show was on television and he watched it everyday. Smith was only four years old when he was introduced to this character and because of it Batman became his first hero. Smith’s moral code that he developed started with Adam West’s Batman. He went on to say that he had not met West until a few minutes before the live podcast and that he was beyond excited.

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TV: AMC Greenlights ‘Secret Stash’

Most of Kevin Smith’s loyal fans, such as myself, have been religiously tuning into to S.I.R. (SModcast Internet Radio) and and have heard of this reality shot that they were developing for AMC TV. Tell ‘Em Steve-Dave is one of the original podcasts on the SMod network, currently boasting over 70+ episodes. Walt Flanagan, who runs Smith’s comic book store in Red Bank, New Jersey: The Secret Stash, co-hosts the podcast with Bryan Johnson with appearances by Brian Quinn and some times, Ming Chen.

Apparently, we will see these guys on television soon. I listened to the progress of this show via Smith’s updates on S.I.R. From its inception and up to when they finished the test pilot. It sounds like the pilot turned out very well because AMC ordered a full season with 6 episodes. Hooray!

Another Jersey based reality show, you might say, where drunken whores get into fights and eat a lot of pasta?! Not likely. I’m not sure if they like pasta as much. We might witness Flanagan loose his patience and chew out the other guys and possibly the newcomers at the store but I doubt there will be much fist pumping otherwise. I am looking forward to the rough and tumble comic-book-store-nerdy shenanigans though. If the show is going to be anything like the podcast…– well, I suppose we can feel even more bad when the boys pick on Chen. Don’t make too many sad faces, Ming Chen! You will break hearts!

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Ep. 14 Defective Geeks, As Heard on S.I.R.

The Space Pirate Queen, Gizzy and Fortune Cookie fangirl over our commercial on S.I.R. by Kevin Smith and Jen Schwalbach. We adapt our new tagline: all news, no cocks! Fortune Cookie gives us an update on Fanime Con progress, while Gizzy talks Batman and zombies again. We finally started Fanfic Theatre with a Supernatural x Battlestar Galactica crossover. Cylons could be fallen angels, don’t judge!

As Heard On S.I.R, Smodcast Internet Radio!

This morning, our S.I.R advertisement aired at around 8am on Plus One Per Diem! (squee!) Gizzy and I are still kind of freaking out (in a good way) because– let’s face it, it’s kind of awesome to hear Kevin Smith and Jen Schwalbach do a plug about this blog and our podcast (more squee!). Thank you, Kevin and Jen, for the wonderful commercial! It has made us smile all day long. You guys are amazing.

Hopefully, new readers have found their way on our website and this is my little welcome to all of you. Thank you for checking out the blog even if it was just in passing. Even to those who took a peek and said: “this mother fuckers are lamers” and promptly closed your browser window. We appreciate the hit anyways.

To those who plan on sticking around, I hope that you will enjoy the blog and the podcast, if you plan to listen. Again, we are four lady geeks: Space Pirate Queen, Pilbeam, Gizzy and Fortune Cookie.

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The Defective Geeks Team: Not a Cock in the Bunch

PS: The commercial is on the May 24th, 2011 episode of Plus One Per Diem at the beginning of the show. Or, you can go to my tumblr to hear a quick recording of it.