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Actor, Tina Jung, talks to Defective Geeks about taking on this intense role in Queen of the Morning Calm and the challenging topics the film explores. Learn more about her emotional and mental journey and read our interview with her below.

Queen of the Morning Calm looks so emotional, with a really unique perspective on life as a struggling immigrant and a woman of color– tell us about this movie and your character, Debra.

Queen of the Morning Calm is an empowering story about a young immigrant sex worker trying to break free from the cycles of poverty and abuse, all the while learning to be a more nurturing mother in the process. Debra has always lived at the mercy of men believing that things will eventually get better by staying silent and always doing what she is told. She is dragged along knowing she is unhappy with her situation but stays because she feels the need to take care and save others around her. In order to survive, she begins to trust herself learning that she is the only hero she needs in her world. Through her journey of breaking free from the labels that were put on her, she gathers the courage to take risks and fight back, she learns to take control, find her voice, and be her own savior from a world that turned its back on her. It is a story of emancipation, a lesson on self-love, and a discovery of self-worth.

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Ep. 34 Spider-Vamp and Spider-Hipster

Full disclosure: The majority of this episode is James and Giselle endlessly gushing over “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.” If you loved it too, check it out! The hosts discuss why this the best Spider-Man movie to date, they invent two new characters “Spider-Vamp” and “Spider-Hipster” (#SpiderBlessed), they talk about what they hope for the future of the series, and figure out which Spider-Verse they are! Take the quiz to find out who you are ( ;)

Why Ned Leeds from Spider-man: Homecoming Has Blessed Us

There is a lot to celebrate when it comes to the latest Spider-Man “reboot”—besides the movie actually being really, really, really amazing. The best Spider-Man movie yet in my humble opinion. I am totally biased though, Spider-Man is my favorite Marvel hero. Although, I admit, Spider-Man 2 with Tobey McGuire still holds a special place in my heart. Alfred Molina as Doc Ock. Can’t deny, fam.

Still, Spider-Man: Homecoming did an amazing job casting a diverse group of actors and since I am Filipino, I had to talk about the outstanding performance by Jacob Batalon as Need Leeds.

Seriously… Batalon is a gift.

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The Comic Bug’s Free Comic-Con Day 2015

Free Comic Book Day 2015

The Comic Bug stepped it up several notches during this year’s Free Comic Book Day — for the first time, our favorite comic book store hosted Free Comic-Con Day! The event was held at the Culver City Teen Center and housed a large artist alley inside the building, which overflowed into the parking lot. That’s where we set up shop along with our fellow creators and geeks.

Want to see what the event looked like? Watch our video and check out more photos after the jump!

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Ep. 228 Legends Podcast Crossover, the Sequel


Legends Podcast (formerly known Comic Books Legend) actually agreed to do another crossover podcast with us — suckaaahs!… So we bring you, THE SEQUEL. We talk current news, Wing’s French-y-ness and why the Lady Geeks fail at watching television. Theatre Fanfic: Arrow.

The Marvel Experience


On Valentine’s Day, I made my way to the Marvel Experience while it was at Del Mar, California. This comic book geek playground consists of 7 domes, the largest one hosting several character inspired “training” stations. Most of it were video game stimulators, like learning how to fly like Iron Man or smashing robots as the Incredible Hulk. There are two stations that were more physical — the Spider-Man wall climber and the Black Widow agility test.

More photos below.

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