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Comikaze Expo 2013 – Come See Us!


Comikaze Expo is already on the horizons — on November 1st to the 3rd to be exact! Of course, we will be present, running around, taking photos and filming our video interviews. We will be on the floor and in and out of panels for most of it. If you see us, make sure to ask for a Defective Geeks sticker!

You will probably spot us at panels like All Shapes and Sizes hosted by Leah Cevoli but on the last day of the convention, on Sunday at 5pm, you can see yours truly (the Space Pirate Queen!) seated at a panel called ‘So You Wanna Start a Podcast‘ in Room 308AB with all the greats — Crix Lee and Lawrence Young of Gecken, Vito Lapiccola of Comics on Comics, Chris Gore and Wes Calimer of Geek Hero and 1337 Lounge Live.

Should be a fun and good panel, so please come by and show some love!

See you at Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo!

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The Geekie Awards 2013

the Geekie Awards 2013

Last night, the 1st annual Geekie Awards took place at The Avalon in Hollywood and the show was hosted by the lovely, Alison Haislip. Stan Lee was given the Lifetime Achievement Award by Seth Green on stage and was completely delightful as per usual, singing an ode to geek he wrote himself to the tune of Yankee Doodle. The show was a lot of fun, smart and full of surprises.

Check out our photos from the night!

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Frank and Son’s Cosplay Con 2013

Frank and Son's Cosplay Con 2013

Comic Book Live was awesome enough to invite us to Frank and Son’s Cosplay Con 2013 and share a booth with them. I didn’t have much to offer, except for a few fliers but it was cool to participate at the event anyways. There were so many people, most of them were in line for Stan Lee’s autograph but tons of cosplayers also showed up. We were there for most of the morning and got to take quite a few photos. Check them out!

Tons of photos below the jump.

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MOVIE REVIEW: With Great Power… The Stan Lee Story

With Great Power… The Stan Lee Story is a very thorough but heartfelt look at Stan Lee’s career in the comic book industry. If you were ever lucky enough to witness Stan ‘The Man’ Lee speaking in public, you know this icon is a charmer, extremely funny and he just glows with kindness. The last time I met him personally, he planted a smooch right on my cheek! I was in heaven! I felt like I was pretty much blessed by a great man, if not a God in the Geek World.

At 89 years old, Stan has the energy of a young man and more love for life than any of us can ever imagine.

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