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My Time at an Anime Swap Meet

Geeks of all fandoms and walks of life satisfy their passions by obtaining material goods. But what happens when old flames fade or when ten years of collecting catches up to you?

It can be very hard for a geek to say goodbye to old treasures and it’s unthinkable to just haul it to the curb or to blindly donate it. Once my anime club donated some manga in a book drive for the U.S. troops in Iraq but what are the odds of a Japanese copy of Revolutionary Girl Utena winding up in the hands of someone who appreciates it?

The answer is: hold a swap meet specifically for fandom goods.

Some conventions such as Fanime and Comic-Con address their attendees’ plights of needing to clear their collections and set up times and spaces dedicated to fans selling, buying, and bartering various treasures.  But why wait for those specific times?

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