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INTERVIEW: Jade Hassouné On Fandom and the Final Season of Shadowhunters

Defective Geeks is feeling particularly lucky with this interview, featuring actor, Jade Hassouné, who stars in Shadowhunters as Meliorn an extremely handsome and alluring fairy (aka Seelie). Jade himself is as alluring in real life– get to know him more below and find out about fandom, acting and his journey into his music,

Hi Jade, thank you for doing this interview! First of, what has it been like being a part of a show as big as Shadowhunters? What has been the best part about it? 

Hello! Thank you for featuring me! 

Well it has been a dream come true, that’s for sure. And the two best parts has been the life-long friends I’ve made on the show, with who I get to travel the world now to meet (the other best part): the fans. The fandom is something extremely special, it is rare that a TV show gets such a huge following and we are all very fortunate to have this ocean of love constantly ready to support our every move. 

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Hey, TV, You’re Awesome This Season


Technically, I don’t watch television since I have been watching everything online now. I still don’t know if I should feel bad about that or not, but I do things during the night and-and-and– it’s super hard to follow TV schedules, you guys. If you’ve been listening to our podcast, you know which shows I am big on this season but if not, I decided to write this blog for you and explain in Space Pirate Queen terms why I think these shows are awesome. Get ready.

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Bruce Campbell at Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo 2013


Guess which of our favorite stud-muffin has been confirmed to attend Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo in November? The one and the only stud-muffin, Bruce Campbell! Each year, Comikaze Expo gives us a reason to get excited about their convention and this time, we could barely contain ourselves from throwing our superhero undies for Bruce.

This man has been a long time favorite among geeks and fandom a like, famously known for his role in the original Evil Dead movies (he is THE Ash), a long list of amazing indie flicks and my personal favorite, Autolycus in Xena.  Currently, you can see him on television on USA Network’s Burn Notice.

Wanna hang out at Comikaze Expo with Bruce? Right now, you can buy discounted tickets by typing in the word GROOVY in the promo code section during check out! Click the link or click the photo below to get to the ticket page!


We’ll see you and Bruce there!


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