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Geek Gratitude 2015


Today, Facebook reminded me that I wrote this blog post for Thanksgiving in 2011. We’ve done a lot of different things and met a lot of people since four years ago even though it feels like all that time just breezed by. Our staff members have changed as well with new people coming in and some moving on to other things. We’ve gone to a lot of events and helped out so many of our peers and supported tons of projects.

As for me, I haven’t changed much… I am still neurotic and running this blog has given me a lot of anxiety and frustration. I still get discouraged and I still want to quit half the time. Again, despite my tendency to run circles into my own awkward insanity, I am going to take a deep breathe and recognize all the things and people that I am truly grateful for.

For those of you within the geek community who continue to be true to yourselves and continue to be kind, I am grateful. To all my friends who continue to work hard for Defective Geeks— Giselle, Valerie, Michelle, Yume and Alex— you ladies are my constant source of happy-nerding and friendship. To all our supporting Lady Geeks— Sabina, Adri, Julia, Stephanie and Christy— thank you for contributing when you can. To our currently quiet co-founder, Nancy, we still love you!

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Ep. 149 Pumpkincast


In honor of our first ever Thanksgiving podcast, the Space Pirate Queen and Gizzy B got together and stuffed their faces with a bunch of pumpkin flavored food. Join us on this magical, pumpkin journey while we discuss The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and the craziness of Black Friday. Also, we mix pumpkin syrup with whiskey.

Thanksgiving, A Day to Eat All The Things

For those who follow us on Twitter and Facebook, you already knew that we took a holiday break from recording a podcast this week. No new episode today! We will be back with a brand-spanking new episode next Wednesday.

We wish you guys a Happy-Food-Filled-Thanksgiving this year. Remember, if you know anyone else who is struggling this time of the year, please do all you can to be helpful. There is plenty to go around for everyone and we all should have something to be grateful for. We hope you guys will celebrate your good tidings with friends and family this year!

PS: The recipe for the Turkey-Pumpkin-Pie pictures above is from Kid’s National Geographic.

A Defective Geeks Thank You!

Running this blog is not easy. This past year, we’ve gotten a lot of welcomed attention and it’s been very exciting. We do our best to keep the content fresh and fun for our readers and for ourselves. To be honest, I don’t keep track of the number of people who actually listens to our podcast. Not anymore. When it came down to it’s an excuse for us to take an hour out of our week and just talk. Be silly. Or attempt serious discussions which we usually fail at.

I am a little bit of a cynic when it comes to holidays some times. I can’t help but think it’s kind of silly that people take this one day out of the whole year to suddenly be overly cheesy on Twitter or Facebook and be thankful. At the same time, I can’t say I don’t enjoy Thanksgiving – it’s an excuse to eat a whole pumpkin pie.

Despite my bitter, old lady ways, I do want to give thanks.

I am thankful for my best friend since high school, Pilbeam, for launching this website with me and for all her support despite the fact that she abandoned us for England. She is our main mother hen and we miss having her in California. I am thankful for my other best friends: Gizzy B, Fortune Cookie and Sailor Mizz. My girls have worked very hard.

I am probably not the easiest boss to have. I’m neurotic. I have expectations. I am impatient. I will fight you! It’s not always smooth sailing when you’re working with your closest friends and they all do it for free. I have to constantly remind myself to keep things in balance and to have faith. A lot of things get done around here but there are also a lot of things that still need to get done. A lot of times, things do not get done. In life, people tend to dwell on what is missing and forget about the accomplishments and successes. I am very guilty of this and I get discouraged a whole lot. There were so many times when I just wanted to quit. Today, I’m going to set aside my neurotic expectations and just be amazed at all the work we’ve done together. I never thought that someone as lazy as me could be so productive.

I am also thankful for our honorary writers who are all also my closest friends: Wholia, Gypsy and House Cat. I am always delighted when they come out of the blue and write a blog. If you enjoy their work, please go and let them know. Tell them to write more!

A Disneyland Pre-Birthday :)Most of all, thank you for reading, for listening and for watching. I know a lot of you prefer to be anonymous observers but we are all thankful for all of you anyways. Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to write us an e-mail, left comments on our blog or have reached out to us on social media. Even to those of you who have only visited our website at one time, we thank you!

I am thankful for our fellow podcasters and SponSIRs family! You guys know who you are and we look forward to our future collaborations.

We are thankful for the opportunities that many in the geek/nerd/media community have given us. We hope to get to know you more and that we can all work together to keep this geek world going in a positive direction.

A special thank you to Emily and Justin from 360i Digital Marketing for giving us great opportunities and content from the USA Network. Thank you to my cousin, Amira, for also hooking us up with actors for interviews. Thank you to Mike (Sailor Mizz’s older bro!) for connecting us with the video game industry. Thank you to Regina Carpinelli and her staff for welcoming us into the Comikaze Expo family. Thank you for Tammy and Rachelle from Geek Girl Con for prodding me to attend the best conventions I’ve been to all year. Thank you for our boys at Red Sheep Productions for also working for free and editing our videos (the professional looking ones.. not the ones I slap together in iMovie).

To everyone else I’m forgetting– well, first off, I apologize for forgetting– we thank you! Now go practice our national holiday of unending gluttony and extreme shopping! Give me your goddamn pumpkin pies!

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