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Ep. 86 Spoonful of Nutella

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The Internet brings bad news that JGL may not actually play Batman in the Justice League movie. Sad face… but the Lady Geeks discuss the new Wonder Woman television show that is possibly in development, True Blood, Mohawk Guy from NASA and bratty children.

Ep. 73 Live at SUPER*MARKET: Summer Sizzle!

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The Lady Geeks return to SUPER*MARKET at the Nerdist Theatre at Meltdown Comics for another live show, where The Dark Knight Rises was finally discussed (spoiler alerts?) and the ladies battle to almost-to-the-death, defending which mythical creature is the best. It was an epic battle of Mermaids Vs. Unicorns, full of passionate love from both… Read more »

Ep. 64 Bane’s Cookies

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Gizzy survived her time in the woods where we all know are full of serial killers and came home to join the Space Pirate Queen, Sailor Mizz and Fortune Cookie to discuss how we are all champion sperms, more Batman geekery, the gay Green Lantern and bear vigilantes in Canada. Fanfic Theater: Legend of Korra.

Holy New Character Posters, Batman!

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Thanks to the cool peeps at, three new character posters for The Dark Knight Rises have been revealed. May I just say that they are pretty damn wicked. And that’s just the Batman one.

Ep. 58 The Hulk’s Butt Cheeks

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Pilbeam has joins us in the correct time zone (aka she’s visiting California from England) and sits down to discuss all things superhero movies and cartoons. A little bit of The Avengers, a little bit of the Batman, a lot of Kevin Conroy love. Plus, Magic Mike and Channing Tatum.