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One Last Time, The One Last Party

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“All’s well that ends better.” hosted the last Oscar party for fans of the Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit movies this past weekend at the American Legion in Hollywood.  Traditionally, the fan parties took place during Oscar night so we can all gather and watch the award show together. This year, the party took… Read more »

Ep. 226 Jimmy Olsen’s Abs

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In this episode, the Lady Geeks talk more about Kingsman (let’s appreciate British men in suit) and gave Jimmy Olsen his new origin story (let’s appreciate the casting choice in Supergirl). Fanfic Theatre: The Hobbit.

Ep. 225 Mars Sex Tape

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There is an Instagram account that documents all the DILFS of Disneyland and it fully caters to our creeper selves. SPQ goes to the Marvel Experience but none of the Lady Geeks would want to go to Mars. Fanfic Theatre: The Hobbit.

Wrapping It Up in 2014: Year in Review

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Defective Geeks has survived (kind of, sort of?) another year of random geek shenanigans and once again, I wanted to highlight some of our accomplishments. This year was a bit more mellow than 2013 was but we got to experiment with bringing new content to the website with the help of friends. I would like to… Read more »

Ep. 193 Fangirl Tears and Giant Raccoons

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In this episode the girls discuss all the recent movie trailers including The Hobbit, Tusk, and most importantly 50 Shades of Grey (don’t deny it, you’re excited too). Then SPQ and Gizzy B discuss the emotional fangirl tears they experienced in Hall H at SDCC during the Marvel panel. Also, raccoons the size of grizzly bears? What??

Ep. 167 Selfies and Dwarves

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The Lady Geeks talk about their epic fail (and accidental win) during the Hobbit Oscar party, ugly crying over Benedict Cumberbatch and selfies. Fanfic Theatre: Justin Bieber.