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Ep. 167 Selfies and Dwarves

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The Lady Geeks talk about their epic fail (and accidental win) during the Hobbit Oscar party, ugly crying over Benedict Cumberbatch and selfies. Fanfic Theatre: Justin Bieber.

One Dragon, One Party 2014

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Compared to last year’s extravagant event, this year’s Oscar party hosted by was a much more casual and low key event. That didn’t stop us from putting on our wannabe-red-carpet outfits and braving the traffic in Los Angeles! Apparently, all the streets are closed when the celebrities are strutting their way down the red… Read more »

Fanart Glee: Tauriel and Kili

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Hobbit Denial Pyramid by skart2005 on deviantART Now, I know this is a controversial topic and most of all, a very controversial pairing (though most people seem to accept the Gimli and Legolas shipping a lot more) but I loved Tauriel in The Hobbit and I loved that Kili had a huge crush on her…. Read more »

New OTP: Tauriel and Kili

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So for those of you who have seen┬áThe Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug you are probably enchanted by its visuals, its epic storytelling, and the themes of small creatures having the ability to change the world. If you’re like me you are most enchanted by the new amazing pairing that is She-Elf badass Tauriel and… Read more »

Ep. 140 #DirkBatYes

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In the spirit of the Catwoman movie (that never happened), Gizzy B and SPQ come up with their very own Batman origin story that they think both nerds and ‘real’ men can enjoy because it involves sports and that’s what dudes like. Right?

Ep. 98 And We Complain About Google Hangout

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In this episode, we go old school with Gizzy B and the Space Pirate Queen are left to their own devices. So they spend an hour of the podcast gushing about how amazing The One Expected Party was during Oscar night. Stalking Dominic Monaghan never gets old, apparently. Fanfic Theater: The Immortals.