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INTERVIEW: Karen Moore, Talks About Her Directorial Debut With Short Film, ‘Volcano’

Award-winning TV writer, Karen Moore, premiered her first short film, Volcano, at Toronto International Film Festival this year. Karen has had an extensive career in television, writing and producing for shows like Mary Kills People (Hulu) and Workin’ Moms (Netflix/CBC). Find out more about her journey to directing in our interview below!

Hello Karen, congratulations on your short film, Volcano! Can you tell us what your movie is about? What inspired the story?

Thank you! Volcano is about two old friends– Jess and Hannah– who meet up for drinks at a tiki bar and are struggling to connect on this particular night. The film is a funny tug-of-war conversation between the two of them that goes off the rails, revealing a darker underbelly. The story is inspired by my experiences with female friends and one particular romantic relationship. 

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INTERVIEW: Victoria Dunsmore On Pushing the Envelope with ‘The Last Porno Show’

Victoria Dunsmore stars in the movie, The Last Porno Show, which has just premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival this year. The film is unique and challenges the audience, and Victoria talks to us all about it. Read more below!

Hello, Victoria, thank you for talking to Defective Geeks! Tell us about your upcoming movie, The Last Porno Show, and how did you get involved with the project. What about it appealed to you the most and what can people expect when they watch it? 

The Last Porno Show follows aspiring actor Wayne, who inherits a seedy, run-down porn cinema from his estranged father. Initially wanting nothing to do with the building, he attempts to sell it, but has a change of heart after auditioning for an art film. On a whim, he bases his character on the persona of his late father, which is what ultimately wins him the lead role in the film. He then falls down a method actor rabbit hole, reenacting memories from his childhood (all set in the old porno cinema), and it all gets pretty crazy from there. 

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INTERVIEW: Ronnie Rowe Jr. Star of ‘Black Cop’ Talks Art Challenging Views

The highly-anticipated feature film, Black Cop, made its world premiere this year at the Toronto International Film Festival and will be making its festival rounds this fall as well. Ronnie Rowe Jr. stars in the film as a rogue police officer who becomes sick and tired of the systematic abuse of black people. The film hopes to bring thoughtful conversation to its audience through satire.

Thank you for chatting with us about your upcoming new film! Please tell our readers about Black Cop.

Black Cop is a satire psychological drama about an officer that is struggling between his duty as a cop and being a black man. Things take an interesting turn, when he is profiled off duty by another officer.

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