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Ep. 222 To Be Pretty Like CW Men

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SPQ and Gizzy B recuperate from their weekend of stalking Stephen Amell in Portland and wonder why they can’t be as pretty as CW men. The Lady Geeks talk about The X-Files, The Interview and Star Trek. Fanfic Theatre: Arrow x Step Up.

Warner Bros VIP Studio Tour: The Batman Exhibit

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To celebrate the 75th Anniversary of Batman, the Warner Bros VIP Tour‘s museum is currently dedicated to all things Batman movies. For one day, I became a tourist in my own city just to satisfy my geek urges. The tour itself is pretty fun, especially if you love the behind the scenes experience of movie… Read more »

When the Lady Geeks Took Over Paris

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If you couldn’t tell from our past few podcast episodes, they allowed us — the Space Pirate Queen, Gizzy B and Pilbeam —  to roam free around Paris, France for a few days. Just thought I’d share some of our photos in the city with you guys from the trip. It’s rare that all three… Read more »

Ep. 115 Travelcast: We’re in Paris! Part 2

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The last episode we recorded while we were in Paris — the Space Pirate Queen, Gizzy B and Pilbeam have one last late night conversation during their trip. We talk a little bit more about our impression of Paris but mostly we ended up talking about Once Upon A Time. We also contemplated where Brendan Fraser… Read more »