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TRAVEL: Space Pirate Queen in Bologna, Italy

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I’m a lucky girl. A few months ago, Marie Lu asked me to accompany her on her business trip to Bologna, Italy and I happily obliged! Despite the fact that she had work for 70% of the time during the trip, we had a great bonding experience. Otherwise, while she worked and met with her… Read more »

The Best Travel Insurance: Liam Neeson

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Later this year I’m taking a trip to Europe with my parents. I’ve never been, so naturally I’m very excited. Right now we’re in that lovely stage of looking up hotels, restaurants, and even cute luggage; all things that are keeping us in a constant stage of excitement. The discussion of travel insurance came up…. Read more »

TRAVEL: Seattle, a Quick Trip

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My trip to Geek Girl Con this year was my first time in Seattle, Washington. I wished I could have had an extra full day to sight-see but I did get a quick walking tour of downtown on our way from our hotel to The Crab Pot. The walk took us maybe a good half… Read more »

UK Trip 2011: London, at last!

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We ended my romp around the United Kingdom in London where Nancy and I stayed at the London House Hotel located in Bayswater. Although this hotel wasn’t as cheap as our 20GBP a night Travelodge hotels, it was still within my budget and it was a really nice hotel for the price. I would definitely… Read more »

UK Trip 2011: Stonehenge

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When Pilbeam asked me what I wanted to see while in I visited her in England, the Stonehenge was on my main list of must-see-tourist-attraction. I am a big fan of the wonders of the world (again, somewhat of a history dork). We planned a quick stop to Salisbury between Bath and our trip back… Read more »