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INTERVIEW: Kimberly-Sue Murray Stars as a Vampire in Netflix’s V WARS

The highly anticipated show, produced by Ian Somerhalder (The Vampire Diaries), V WARS premiered on Netflix and actress, Kimberly-Sue Murray, stars in this vampire world as Danika Dubov. Her character exudes sexiness as well as being a complete badass– learn more below in our interview with Kimberly.

Congratulations on the premiere of your new show, V WARS, on Netflix! What is the show about and what role does your character, Danika Dubov, play in the series?In your opinion, what makes V WARS different from all the other vampire shows or movies?

Thank you so much! V Wars, based on Jonathan Maberry’s anthology and comics, is about an ancient pathogen that escapes the melting glaciers and infects anyone with the mutated gene turning them into vampires. A war breaks out as Dr. Luther Swann tries to find a cure to save his best friend, son and the rest of humanity. I play Danika Dubov, a vampire and Michael Fayne’s love interest throughout the show. She’s smart, resourceful, strategic and a great asset to Blood Nation. She and Michael have a great bond and hold each other up. While all of this is happening, Mila, who despises who’s become, is on a mission to seek revenge. In an earlier version of the script, Ava O’Malley stabbed Danika and killed her, I guess she couldn’t stand the influence Danika had over Michael. I’m glad we stuck to the book’s ending for Danika and Mila, it’s an incredibly tense moment between the two sisters. What happens next, I honestly have no idea! 

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Ep. 28 Welcome BACK to Fright Night!



Welcome back to Fright Night… for real. That’s right, this week the hosts talk about the 2011 remake of ‘Fright Night’ written by Marti Noxon! Yeah! James and Giselle discuss the different ways the story has been modernized for contemporary audiences, how that changed various elements including characters and tone, how it has a dash of commentary, and they compare the different strengths between the 1985 original and the 2011 remake. Oh, and they are pretty sure that this movie is actually an episode of Doctor Who.


Ep. 26 Welcome to Fright Night!



Who loves talking about 1980s vampire flicks? James and Giselle do! This week the hosts talk about 1985 campy classic “Fright Night.” They discuss everything from Jerry Dandrige as a vamp villain, Amy’s ever growing fabulous 80s hair, Peter Vincent’s theatrical make up, and how the movie is one big love letter to the 1960s vampire horror genre. 


Ep. 25 Dianne Wiest is the Best



James and Giselle dive into the wonderful world of mullets, The Doors, shoulder pads, musical montages, and vampires. That’s right, this week they talk about “The Lost Boys”. The hosts discuss what makes this a stand out movie in the vampire genre, how it influenced “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” and how Dianne Wiest was everyone’s 80s mom.


Vampire Themed Gifts – Surviving the Summer Drought of TVD

I'm a Vampire.
I’m a Vampire.

Graduations are almost over, wedding season has started, and reruns of The Vampire Diaries leave me thirsty for a few new things. If you know a grad, birthday gal or bachelorette who has a thing for vamps this short list of items might peek your interest.

If you’re a fan of Adventure Time and vampires a Marceline The Vampire Queen T-Shirt is a pretty solid choice if you have to buy something last minute.

Marceline Nouveau T-Shirt
Marceline Nouveau T-Shirt

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