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Review: The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged)

I had a chance to see a production of The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged) (Revised) on Saturday night here in Vancouver. It was the very last performance of their 11-day run at the Jericho Arts Centre. The three-man play was performed by local talents Robin Jung, Sean Parsons, and David Ortynsky, and it was directed by David C. Jones.

When my friend told me they were doing The Complete Works here in Vancouver, I leapt at the chance to go. I had seen the play twice before, first in London and a second time in Seoul. I’ve also read the script several times and watched the recording of the original cast members’ performance. Needless to say, I really love this play.

I attended the performance with two of my friends, one of whom had never seen it before. Getting to the venue was a bit of an adventure, involving something of a trek through a winding road through the woods. We got there out of breath and just in the nick of time. It wasn’t until we sat down that I realized just how different this production of The Complete Works would be in comparison to the other times I’ve seen it.

The Jericho Arts Centre is a very small and intimate venue, and the stage was set up in the very center of the room, with the audience seated on either side. There were only about forty people (a generous estimate), and since the The Complete Works requires a fair amount of audience participation, I was a bit worried at first. As it turns out, there was no need for concern. Everyone was very involved in the performance, laughing uproariously and playing along with the actors.

The actors themselves did a wonderful job tackling a truly difficult play. The Complete Works is famous for condensing all 37 of Shakespeare’s plays into one 90-minute performance, and requires each actor to juggle a dozen different roles. There’s a fair bit of athleticism required, as well, with countless costume changes and choreographed fight scenes and nonstop running. Their performance is all the more impressive considering two of the actors, Jung and Ortynsky, made their professional debuts with this play.


Jung and Parsons, with Ortynsky seated in the audience.

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Supernatural Vancouver Con

Supernatural VanCon 2010

“Will Travel For Geek”

That is probably the motto for this blog post you are about to read. If you are not aware, fellow Defectivegeeks blogger, Gizle, and I are both crazy about the television series, Supernatural. Which gave us the proper excuse to drop some money and fly out to Vancouver, Canada for the Salute to Supernatural convention, hosted by Creation Entertainment. Yes- our geek gave us an excuse to go on a vacation trip. We’re kind of awesome like that.

We went with our other friend, Christy, and reunited with a long time friend, Adri (who I saw last when I was living in Japan, mind you! She was also an excuse to go on this trip). Although the convention was on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, we only dropped by the hotel on Friday to pick up our wristbands. At least, Gizle and I got our weekend pass wrist bands, and Christy and Adri couldn’t pick up their individual day bands.

We were definitely looking forward to geeking out together. I mean, how can you take it seriously? We traveled all the way to Canada just for a Supernatural convention, for goodness sakes. We had to have a little fun with it… and we really did! We walked away with the best souvenirs (our mad amazing photo ops,) and a lot of memories to laugh about. More details after the jump below this preview photo.

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The Different Faces of Vancouver

Downtown Vancouver 2010

The first thing I noticed about Downtown Vancouver is the diversity of its architecture. Also, it was a smaller city and we could literally walk to a destination and get there in less than an hour. Every few blocks and every turn, the buildings and the scenery could change. Suddenly, it made sense why this city is a known Hollywood favorite to use as a film location. Vancouver could literally look like any city in the world! Which made it perfect for the Supernatural series because the Winchester brothers are constantly traveling across the United States. Every inch of Vancouver and its surrounding towns have been transformed into a U.S. city for the show it seems.

Oh yes– did I mention one of our primary reason to visit Vancouver was to attend the Supernatural convention? That will be a separate blog report! For now, enjoy some photos from our trip and sightseeing around the city.

Downtown Vancouver 2010 Downtown Vancouver 2010
Downtown Vancouver 2010 Downtown Vancouver 2010
Chinatown//Vancouver 2010 Chinatown//Vancouver 2010
Downtown Vancouver 2010 Downtown Vancouver 2010

Granville Island is Heavenly!

I made a whirlwind, quick trip to Vancouver, Canada this past weekend and seriously… Granville Island was my favorite “tourist” spot. Mainly because the Public Market was full of so much amazing food. I am already regretting all of the food I didn’t get a chance to taste! I will probably spend some nights dreaming about the missed fruits, pastries and meals that I didn’t manage to find room in my tummy for. It was truly foodie-heaven.

My stomach was so happy that day.

It was cold and raining when we arrived at the Island that morning and we started off with delicious tea. I had the creamy Earl Grey and it was sooooooo good! Now I wished I took some loose leaf home.

GRANVILLE ISLAND//Vancouver 2010 GRANVILLE ISLAND//Vancouver 2010

GRANVILLE ISLAND//Vancouver 2010
Rainbow and Unicorn cakes. So awesome.

For lunch, my friend recommended the oyster burger. I love oysters and this sounded amazing… and it was. Basically, they deep fried these fat oysters up and served them between burger buns.

GRANVILLE ISLAND//Vancouver 2010

GRANVILLE ISLAND//Vancouver 2010

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