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Ep. 236 Wasted with Steve Kasan


Zombies… and getting inebriated? You know you can count Defective Geeks in, which is why star and producer, Steve Kasan, joins the podcast to talk about WASTED and the CineCoup challenge. There is also plenty of geek-nerd talk to be had. Listen and don’t forget to vote for them.

INTERVIEW: ‘Wasted’ with Steve Kasan


Zombies have become such a huge part of mainstream media today that I am pretty sure there has been many conversations between friends that led to the question, “What would YOU do during the zombie apocalypse?” 

That is what Wasted is about and we spoke to producer Steve Kasan about the series and the CineCoup challenge that they are currently participating in.

Tell us about Wasted and where did the inspiration for it come from?

Wasted is about a group of friends in their mid 30s struggling in their lives with work, responsibilities and other things out of their control which goes completely out the window when the Zombie Apocalypse happens. When there is no rules, they get Wasted. The story starts with this group having a discussion as to what they would do if a zombie apocalypse were to happen after watching their favourite zombie franchise, Dealing with the Dead, starring their favourite Zombie Killer actress, Lovina.

When they step outside to get something to eat they find a zombie apocalypse has happened. Now they must use their knowledge from video games, comic books, literature, movies, the internet, and life to survive & have high adventures in the waste land.

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