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WeLoveFine x Marvel: Age of Fashion Collection

WeLoveFine and Marvel have dropped their ‘Age of Fashion’ collection for pre-order today, just in time for Avengers: Age of Ultron.


The collection features Avengers-centric pieces, that are simple yet fashionably fierce, ranging from $26 to  $36 (USD).

The direction of Geek fashion is constantly evolving, and lately, there’s been a strong push towards diversity and positivity within fandoms, which is certainly the case for this shoot. There was a strong effort to include ladies of different races and backgrounds, as well as body types.

Meet the models:

model bios

Photography: Greg DeStefano
Producer: Meredith Placko
Makeup: Erin Nakashima
Hair: Cici Andersen
Styling: Michelle Nguyen and Yume Lee (of Defective Geeks)
Art Direction: Catherine Elhoffer

Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 10.21.52 AM


Defective Geeks’ own Yume Ninja and Michelle “ChubbyBunny” were involved with both styling and modeling this brand new collection of Marvel awesomeness and compiled some cool behind the scenes photos and videos of what goes into this kind of a shoot.

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Continue reading and IGN’s Robot Uprising Design Contest

WeLoveFine-RobotUprising is hosting a new t-shirt design contest in partnership with IGN Entertainment. The theme? ROBOT UPRISING!

They want you to design your version of mechanical apocalypse of robotic battle and destruction. Or maybe it can be a cute version of robots taking over the world. Or maybe you can steampunk the heck out of your design! Robot cats with laser eyes! Designer and artists, go check out the contest right now at

Judges include IGN’s Editor-in-Chief, Chris Carle; our fellow lady geek favorite, Bonnie Burton; and the organizers of RoboGames, David Calkins and Simon Davalos.

The winning designer can win up to $1,500 and submission starts now until April 2, 2013. Go to for more details!

We Love Fine: Halloween and Star Trek

Our friends at are celebrating Halloween and have pooled together items from their online store for costume inspirations, which includes superheroes, Adventure Time and My Little Ponies! This is especially great for people who are looking to throw together some thing a little bit more casual that they can probably wear to school or to work.

Click here for more ideas.

The best part? A lot of these items can also qualify as “everyday” civilian clothing — for the geeks among us, at least. Speaking of daily wear, We Love Fine also celebrates Star Trek with a bunch of fun t-shirts, including one dedicated to George Takei’s famous catch phrase — now available in Women’s Style and Sizes! ​For all you stylish lady geeks out there. Check below for photos.

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GEEK SHOPPING: My Rarity Hoodie

When launched their My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic hoodies, I was in the midst of having my eyes glued on the screen watching one of my new favorite cartoons on Netflix. Although my friends have said I am more like Twilight (I agree), my favorite Pony is Rarity!

I needed the Rarity hoodie in my life. The package arrived a couple of weeks ago but I just got around to taking photos of wearing it.

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Street Fighter x Sanrio T-Shirts

Hello Kitty as Chun Li? Badtz Maru as Ryu? Somehow, it kind of makes sense.

We Love Fine has a new line of Street Fighter x Sanrio t-shirts available on their website! This is kind of an epic collaboration. Each shirt is adorable for $25 each or you can win one through the current Pinterest contest. You can win FIVE of We Love Fine’s shirts! Contest ends on June 22nd so get on pinning on your boards.

Check out all the other designs below.

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