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Journey to The Hobbit: #AskGandalf

Ask Gandalf!

Sir Ian McKellan graciously answered questions live on Twitter under the hashtag #AskGandalf — this is why Twitter is a wonderful thing!

RT @shhhhgrogs: Sir Ian, is there anything special that you kept, like Gandalf’s staff or hat, either from the Hobbit or LOTR? #AskGandalf
I was given Gandalf’s hat by Peter Jackson. And his staff. And I already had Glamdring, which I keep with a couple of umbrellas and the sticks that Leigh Teabing used in the Da Vinci Code. And if you wonder why you don’t see the big keys to Bag End in #TheHobbit, it’s b/c they’re hanging up on my terrace overlooking the Thames in London.

RT @Allan_isumi: Have you ever said some quote of Gandalf in your routine day, Sr Ian? #AskGandalf
Visiting schools, I have warned students that if they don’t revise hard for their exams: “You shall not pass!”

RT @GilbertLowe: @TheHobbitMovie @ianmckellen I don’t have a dad. I always wanted my dad 2 b a wizard. Will u b my dad? R u my dad? #iloveu
I used to have hair like yours, so who knows… You should ask your mum.

RT @TrollingGnome: @TheHobbitMovie #AskGandalf DO YOU LIKE BACON GANDALF?
Yes, indeedy-deedy. Crisp and salty.

Oh, Sir Ian! Why are you so incredibly adorable and charming?

For the rest of the Twitter discussion transcript, go to The Hobbit Facebook fan page.

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Holiday Geek Gift Idea #1

For Harry Potter fans out there, this one is for you: Infrared Battling Wands!

Simply put, laser tagging with wizard wands, from Cool right? You can reenact the battle between Harry and Voldermort for just $22.99 per wand. Or, simply do a ‘friendly’ duel, using Ron and Hermione’s wands. Remember, it’s not which wands you are using… it’s how you use it.

Better brush up on those magical incantations and practice running in top speed without accidentally taking your eye out with one of these babies. I really hope someone I know will host a laser tag wand tournament in the future.