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Ep. 61 True Love and Cleavage

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The hot topic of the week is the man in Florida who allegedly ate the face of another man while being butt nekkid. Again, we discuss the possibilities of a zombie apocalypse. Fortune Cookie gives a report on Fanime and true love happening right before her very eyes at the convention. Fanfic Theatre: Hunger Games.

Ep. 60 Botox Zombies

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The Lady Geeks hit up some hard-hitting news in the geek world today– including the possibility of Batman coming out of the closet. The Space Pirate Queen also believes that plastic surgery is a plausible cause of a zombie apocalypse in the future. Fanfic Theater: Star Trek.

COMIC REVIEW: Zombie Outlaw

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I always a enjoy a fun zombie romp and Zombie Outlaw is certainly a fun read from writer Brian Apodaca and artist Benny Jordan. The story starts at the library where main character, Matt, is introduced swooning over his crush, K.T. Delaney. When Matt returned to the library with his pal, Will, he thought Will… Read more »

The ‘Resident Evil: Retribution’ Trailer is Here!

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I love the Resident EvilĀ movies. Every time a new comes out, I am thrilled because Milla Jovovich looking amazing and kicking undead “infected” butt is totally my cup of tea. The reason why I am *particularly* excited for this one is because it is the return of Michelle Rodriguez as Rain Ocampo! Yes, my friends,… Read more »