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Ep. 143 Val-Ritto

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This is the ‘I Love You’ episode so the Lady Geeks talk about animals eating zombies, spiders in your car, mites pooping on your eyeballs — if this episode isn’t creepy enough for you the week before Halloween, then we don’t know what is!

Halloween! Universal Studios Halloween Horror Night 2013

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Once again, I found myself at Halloween Horror Night in Hollywood and I’ve already gone to the park twice this year (once with the girls and once with my boyfriend!). Universal Studios’ haunt is always all around top-notch quality in production. Not surprising since they are an actual working movie studio with access to props… Read more »

Ep. 141 Self-Abusing S’Mores

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Ever wonder about the sordid history of graham crackers and why s’mores made them better? Let the Lady Geeks educate you while talking vampires (again), zombies (again) and movies — including, World War Z, Don Jon’s Addiction, Lincoln and Gravity.

Ep. 96 Celery and Tampons

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The Space Pirate Queen had spent an afternoon watching documentaries about George Lucas, Evil and Zombies . . . those are all separate movies, by the way. There might be some offensive opinions on religion, be warned, and talks about lady part functions. Fanfic Theater: The Walking Dead.

‘Warm Bodies’ and Why I Already Love This Movie

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“They would literally eat anything with a heart beat. I mean, I will to, but at least I’m conflicted about it.” When the concept for Warm Bodies was first brought to my attention, my immediate reaction was: “I am going to watch this movie because it’s going to be about zombies and it’s going to… Read more »