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Zombie Night at the iO West with PodCRASH! and Comic Book Live

PodCrash! Walking Dead Edition

On February 23rd, we returned to the iOWest to invade Hollywood along side some zombies. Chris Gore hosted a live PodCRASH! and the night’s topic was zombies and anything and everything that had to do with them. Gizzy B was among the participants on the PodCRASH zombie panel and all the panelists were competing with each other on who will survive and who will get “killed off”… just like in the movies.

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Ep. 96 Celery and Tampons

The Space Pirate Queen had spent an afternoon watching documentaries about George Lucas, Evil and Zombies . . . those are all separate movies, by the way. There might be some offensive opinions on religion, be warned, and talks about lady part functions. Fanfic Theater: The Walking Dead.

‘Warm Bodies’ and Why I Already Love This Movie

Warm Bodies

“They would literally eat anything with a heart beat. I mean, I will to, but at least I’m conflicted about it.”

When the concept for Warm Bodies was first brought to my attention, my immediate reaction was: “I am going to watch this movie because it’s going to be about zombies and it’s going to be terrible but amazing.” The premise is that a young zombie falls in love with a living human girl. Last night, I finally saw a trailer for this movie. My opinion has changed dramatically. This movie is going to be amazing for real. It gave me happy, squishy feelings inside and here is a list of why people who dig zombie flicks (or even people who don’t!) should give this movie a chance.

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GEEK LIFE: A 5K Zombie Run, We Are Going to Run for Our Lives

Tomorrow, I am doing my second 5K run.And it involves an obstacle course… and zombies.

Last year, my friends and I saw the website and promptly decided it was a good idea to register for the race. Now, it’s actually happening. Did we train properly to run from zombies and go through a 5K obstacle course? NOPE!

Chances of survival? Very little. Next thing we knew, tomorrow is already race day.

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Norman Reedus: Why I Will Stalk Him at Comikaze Expo

When Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo announced that Norman Reedus will be their guest next month in September 15-16 at the LA Convention Center, I proved my “creepy fangirl-ness” yet again by sending the convention’s CEO, Regina, a text message requesting she allows me to breathe on him during the con. It’s okay. I think Regina is still going to allow me to attend the convention anyways…

I admit that I was slow on getting on the Norman Reedus bandwagon. I didn’t watch The Boondock Saints until about a year ago (loved it!) and the celebrity crush only blossomed while watching  The Walking Dead. I fell in love with Daryl Dixon and his grumpy, zombie-ass-kicking ways.

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Ep. 61 True Love and Cleavage

The hot topic of the week is the man in Florida who allegedly ate the face of another man while being butt nekkid. Again, we discuss the possibilities of a zombie apocalypse. Fortune Cookie gives a report on Fanime and true love happening right before her very eyes at the convention. Fanfic Theatre: Hunger Games.