Have you ever wondered what goes on in the life and
minds of not just geeks, but lady geeks?

In the early 2000s, two girls decided to purchase without any real purpose. In 2007, the Space Pirate Queen turned it into a blog collective and forced it on the site’s co-founder, Pilbeam. They recruited Gizzy and Fortune Cookie to help fill out the cracks and expand the content. They are currently on a quest to lure their friends to be honorary bloggers and help make Defective Geeks much more exciting!

We are not just another ‘geek news’ blog. We are not reporters or journalists. We are your average, active lady geeks in Southern California (and England)! This website is our personal platform to share with everybody how we think, what we are doing and what it’s like to be a female geek.

Dianne “Space Pirate Queen”



The Space Pirate Queen is the founder of and developed the website to what it is now. She is the most extroverted introvert you’ll ever meet and currently flutters around various events in Los Angeles. She likes comic books, cartoons, fantasy and sci-fi and foams at the mouth at the mention of Supernatural (but her first love is The X-Files). She truly believes that the zombie apocalypse will happen at any moment and is saving up for a zombie-proof house. She also cracks the whip on her fellow Defective Geeks and bullies them to blog for her for free.

Nancy “Pilbeam”


Pilbeam is the co-founder of

Started life in Orange County, CA, but jumped ship and moved to England after high school and has been there ever since. Her induction to geekdom began by watching Star Wars on loop before she could even walk. These days she enjoys crocheting geeky things and watching old films.

Giselle “Gizzy B”


Gizzy B was born and bred to be a geek and grew up on science fiction novels, Star Wars, Star Trek, and Batman. She is the co-host of Defective Geek’s weekly podcast and keeps the world up to date on movie and Batman news. She loves film and sold her soul to Hollywood doing slave work on various movie sets in hopes that she will one day work in the film industry. She loves comics, sci-fi, and pretty much anything that can be categorized as “nerdy”. She too is convinced that the zombie apocalypse will happen, and befriends people solely on how useful they’ll be when it does (just kidding… maybe). When she’s not dreaming of Gotham or Asgard, she’s writing.

She also likes vampires (not the sparkly kind), booze, Disneyland and Michelle Rodriguez.

Valerie “Fortune Cookie”


Fortune Cookie is currently an active member of the cosplay and online RPG circuit. Still can’t figure out World of Warcraft without dying in some moronic way. She is a Francophile at heart with an incurable case of wanderlust. She is an anime and manga geek that is capable of hiding her power level and loves going to cultural events around Orange County and Los Angeles. She speaks softly but squeaks loudly when poked in the ribs (which is very often) and often slips in too many bad puns on a daily basis. Give her a drink and she’ll just go to sleep.

Michelle “Chubby Bunny”



Chubby Bunny, aka Michelle Nguyen, spent her teen years in Pennsylvania cultivating a taste for comic books, manga, and anime, before moving to Japan to hone her Japanese and otaku lifestyle while working as a freelance fashion writer. Now in Los Angeles, Chubby Bunny spends her days producing themed events, parties and weddings ranging from geek culture to Japanese fashion, creating products for her fashion line at IamChubbyBunny, and managing the day to day at Skirts and Swords.

Notably, Michelle’s accessories line, Chubby Bunny, is credited for having created Sanrio’s official and iconic patent vinyl Hello Kitty bow headbands, which can be ordered from her online shop,

TM “Yume Ninja”



Yume is a self-proclaimed Goth Geek with a Kawaii streak.  Introduced to the world of Sci-fi and Fantasy at the tender age of 6, she is unabashedly obsessed with Star Trek: The Next Generation, X-Men, Legend of Zelda, Anime, “goth stuff”, all things Asgardian, cosplay, and Jane Austen. She’s also a bit of an Anglophile.

A graphic designer/artist by day, Yume’s curiosity and DIY spirit has led to being a creative jack of mandy trades. She has worked as an Event Coordinator, Spokesmodel, DIY/Lifestyle blogger, Creative Director, Stylist, and Makeup Artist.



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