Gizzy and the Space Pirate Queen decided it would be a good idea to immortalize their voices onto a podcast, telling tales of all sorts of fun and sordid adventures together. We hope you give us a listen and enjoy as we chronicle our fangirl and geeky stories… and yes, we might just be a little creepy sometimes, but at least we’re cute!… Right?

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EPISODE 234 - Make a Wish [LISTEN NOW!]

EPISODE 233 - All About the Rock [LISTEN NOW!]

EPISODE 232 - Puppy Coats, No! [LISTEN NOW!]

EPISODE 231 - Drift Queens [LISTEN NOW!]

EPISODE 230 - Age of Sequels [LISTEN NOW!]

EPISODE 229 - LARPs: The Series Returns! [LISTEN NOW!]

EPISODE 228 - Legends Podcast Crossover, the Sequel [LISTEN NOW!]

EPISODE 227 - Canon Bicurious [LISTEN NOW!]

EPISODE 226 - Jimmy Olsen’s Abs [LISTEN NOW!]

EPISODE 225 - Mars Sex Tape [LISTEN NOW!]

EPISODE 224 - Thank You, Stefan [LISTEN NOW!]

EPISODE 223 - Ta-tas, Bun-Buns [LISTEN NOW!]

EPISODE 222 - To Be Pretty Like CW Men [LISTEN NOW!]

EPISODE 221 - Clean, Rad, Powerful [LISTEN NOW!]

EPISODE 220 - Glitter Bombed Hunstman Spider Revenge [LISTEN NOW!]

EPISODE 219 - The Betrayal of 2015 [LISTEN NOW!]

EPISODE 218 - Darling Stewie [LISTEN NOW!]

EPISODE 217  -Nostalgiaception [LISTEN NOW!]

EPISODE 216 - Comic Books Legend Crossover [LISTEN NOW!]

EPISODE 216 - Comic Books Legend Crossover [LISTEN NOW!]

EPISODE 215 - Big Dinosaur Ate the Little Dinosaur [LISTEN NOW!]

EPISODE 214 - Hollow Ship Returns [LISTEN NOW!]

EPISODE 213 - Hot Men vs. Food [LISTEN NOW!]

EPISODE 212 - Fanfic Theatre Mix #1 [LISTEN NOW!]

EPISODE 211 - Fangirl Juice [LISTEN NOW!]

EPISODE 210 - Oh My Star Lord [LISTEN NOW!]

EPISODE 209 - Aabria Lipscomb [LISTEN NOW!]

EPISODE 208 - Puppy Feels [LISTEN NOW!]

EPISODE 207 - Regina Carpinelli, the Return of the Queen! [LISTEN NOW!]

EPISODE 206 - Nicholas Sparks’ Clown Mike [LISTEN NOW!]

EPISODE 205 - Haunted Bleach [LISTEN NOW!]

EPISODE 204 - Batman’s Husband [LISTEN NOW!]

EPISODE 203 - Virtual Reality Day Spa [LISTEN NOW!]

EPISODE 202 - Stripper Spies vs. Assassins [LISTEN NOW!]

EPISODE 201 - George Shaw  [LISTEN NOW!]