Avatarding: Response

I would probably say that I am an Avatard. I own a stuffed Appa that I bought on Ebay for far too much money. I also have action figures. What can I say, I’m easily swayed by toys.

I too saw the season 3 trailer. What I’m wondering is: How can they stretch this beyond 4 seasons? Will they have the guts to end it, or cash in on the success?

As awesome as season 3 looks, I see already we are nearing the end. I knew going in that there probably wouldn’t be more than 4 (since we’ve only got 4 elements covered). But it’s been such a success, I could see Nickelodeon forcing them to continue, which, in my opinion, is bad.

As much as I love the show, I don’t want it to become like SO many anime shows where there are like 70 episodes of filler and 30 of plot. I’m tired of seeing TV shows last long after their prime just to make a little more money.

That said, I can’t WAIT for season 3. I want to see Toph and Katara kick major ass.

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