Goodbye to the Stash


Saturday, October 6th 2007, Gizle arrived at my house at the ungodly hour of 6:45 a.m. because we wanted to line up early for Kevin Smith’s book signing that day in Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash in Westwood. Sadly, it was the Stash’s last day also as Smith opted to shut it down.

We arrived and ended up near the front of the line. Whew!

The signing didn’t start till noon, according to the schedule.

I know it may seem nuts to line up about five hours in advance… but when you see pictures and videos of how long the line gets for Kevin Smith’s signing, it’s worth getting there early. It was also worth sitting there, chatting, when the waft of the distinct smell of someone smoking a doobie touched our nostrils. At that moment , there wasn’t any doubt that we were, in fact, among Kevin Smith fans. Gotta love them.

At least having a friend along made the time go by a little faster. Eventually, they opened the store and we went in to purchase our copies of My Boring-Ass Life. I took some pictures of the movie memorabillias displayed in the store and what-not. I wanted to buy a t-shirt, but they didn’t have the one I wanted available. Which means I’ll have to do an online order in the future.

And here is Gizle delving into the mind of Jay.

“What the fuck is the internet?”

Kevin Smith was about an hour late into the signing. Of course, we suckers kept standing in line– complaining about the heat of the sun and getting way hungry. At least I was getting way hungry. We had someone walking up and down the line reading bible passages and preaching about God and life in a suit. My hunger didn’t exactly make me very polite… but seriously. He was preaching to the wrong crowd and I didn’t want to hear it. If he was giving away sandwhiches, then I would have gladly let him prattle on about Jesus.

Once they started letting people in, we didn’t need to wait for long when our turn came. I exchanged a couple of polite words with Smith, telling him to please spell my (real) name with two ‘n’s in the book. He also signed my Clerks 10th year anniversary DVD box. Hooray!

I’ve seen Kevin Smith at panels at conventions and was always just satisfied to hear him entertain an audience. Though admittedly, it was pretty cool to get to meet him and have him write ‘I <3 You’ in my copy of his book-diary. He’s one of my many heroes.

For more pictures, visit my Flickr gallery to see!.

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