I’m not quite sure how it began– but it did– my inexplainable infatuation with the Robin character from Batman. I think it’s manifestation completely amused myself and the people who know me, which is probably why I just can’t seem to stop. Keep in mind that this isn’t some obsession where I have to collect every Robin paraphernalia known to man’s existance. Not quite. I wouldn’t mind having a gazillion Robin objects to happily roll around in, but I don’t quite have the budget for it, sadly.

Instead, I’m just locked onto the fact that I want to marry the Boy Wonder.

Preferably, Tim Drake, not Dick Grayson.

But! Guy in Robin suit is Robin is Robin!

Which brings me to Untamed Cinema’s “Grayson”

Oh how I wished this could be a real film. Some of the acting is a bit on the bad side, but overall, I think the short “trailer” is rather impressive with an interesting premise. I would prefer that the other DC heroes stayed out of it because I fail to see the importance of the Justice League in a Robin film… Superman, maybe… but Wonderwoman too??

Needless to say, the whole thing just makes me drooly and I think someone who has a soul should give these people the money to make a full-length feature film.

If they did, I would pay enough to see the movie as many times to help pay for that film budget back. I SWEAR!

I know I’m a little late on this uptake since this fanfilm has been around for quite some time garnering raving reviews and even controversies; but it never hurts to mention something that has to be considered epic again!

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