It's almost coming to an end.

No one reads this blog, but we like to pretend people actually do! I get pure enjoyment out of it, despite the fact that the only other person writing is the website co-owner, Mjade. Isn’t she fabulous though? I enjoy her entries way too much– especially the last one about The Golden Compass.

It reminds me of our high school days when we would offend people with our elaborate rants on why we don’t look a certain book or a certain movie– and there were a lot of those. Both of us have very specific tastes. Most of the time we agree on things, and yes, we do disagree on some. I miss those days some times. I can’t believe high school is already so far away, first of all!

I think about this website all the time. Although we do use the space for personal projects and file uploading, we really wanted the blog to be the heart of it. Right now, I feel like it’s just the ‘front’ and not quite the main star yet. I guess we really haven’t worked hard enough to advertise this “blog”– though I prefer it be more of an old-school online newsletter, but with the hint of something more modern. I really need to flesh out this idea more.

I also need our other members to post here. Christ. Lazy jackasses.

For now– 2007 is coming to an end. Mjade is flying home from England and we will be celebrating the coming of 2008 in San Francisco. We’ll congratulate ourselves on this website and try to figure out how to pull an audience. We were never very good at pimping ourselves. Neither of us is willing to get naked online either, so I don’t know where this leaves two cute girl geeks.


Happy Holidays and Happy New Years, everyone!!!

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