Stabby, stabby!

We all have our little morbid fascinations and one of mine are serial killers. There are nights when I would peruse websites online and read up on killers throughout history. I don’t do this EVERY night… just once in a blue moon when something perks my interest again. When I heard of Showtime’s new show, Dexter, I wanted to watch it soooo bad…

But. I’m always a late-comer when it comes to new things so I didn’t get to watch the first season till this year (when Netflix placed the entire first season on their watch instantly section. Whoop! Though it was a bitch trying to update my media player on my desktop until I finally managed to update my laptop’s so it would place netflix videos. Fuck you, Netflix, and your Windows Media Player 11 requirement).

Now, I have joined the not-so-massive-maybe?-legion of Dexter lovers.

Michael C. Hall does an amazing job with this character. Yes, there is something very sick about endearing a serial killer… but if you can resist Dexter, then I almost wonder if there’s something wrong with you! It is a unique experience to sympathize with a killer– but Dexter proves it is possible. He is a killer with a code of conduct and he doesn’t have ‘innocent’ victims. Just his own fellow serial killers. He’s a sort of turncoat on his own brotherhood because he’s protecting the other side from people like him.

I mean we all have an urge to kill that guy who cut you off the freeway… but you won’t act on it.

… Right?

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