Do I deserve to keep on living?

I have a confession to make.

Recently, I watched both Fantastic Four movies starring Jessica Alba… and I enjoyed them.

Do I need to get shot in the head for this???

I think it was the pure cheesiness and “badness” of it all that really made me feel like I was watching a Marvel comic come to life. Not that I’m saying Marvel is bad. What I’m trying to get at is… in the old days, comics were cheesy– but in a really good way! It’s Stan Lee, for goodness sakes. He’s brilliant without falling into that “edgy” trap, which is what comics these days seem to be vying for. Marvel superheroes were fun and a little campy a lot of times. These F4 movies were all about campy-ness. The cast was even almost perfect. I have mad crush on the actor who plays Reed Richards– he suits the character so well!

Jessica Alba… well, she’s hot, and her acting skills were just right for these type of movies so I have no complaints, really. I know they have to have that Hollywood face to sell even if she doesn’t quite scream ‘Sue Storm’ to me. At least it wasn’t Kirsten Dunst. Shudder.

I give these F4 movies a thumbs up since they were just fun to watch.

Plus… the uniforms didn’t deviate too much from the original either!
See, guys? When you don’t try too damn hard to be so “edgy” everything actually works out… coughX-Men3coughCOUGH…

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